ANNIV SPL: Ditipriya Roy speaks with us about her upcoming plans

She is efficiently balancing her thriving career with academics by pursuing a Master degree in Sociology.
Ditipriya Roy
Ditipriya Roy

The year 2023 was yet another happening year for actor Ditipriya Roy. Two of her web shows, Dakghor and Rajneeti, and film Bogla Mama Jug Jug Jiyo, resonated with the audiences and critics alike. Apart from this, the beautiful actress also debuted on stage with the play, Platonic. She is efficiently balancing her thriving career with academics by pursuing a Master degree in Sociology. We speak with the actress to know about her plans for 2024 and more.

How was this year? What are your plans for 2024?

This year, I had faced some crucial challenges and went through significant ups and downs, which made me more mature as a person. I am not the same person that I was at the beginning of 2023. And what I have started believing wholeheartedly is that actions speak louder than words. It is the biggest learning from this year.

Workwise, the year was good too. I intend to grow as an actor, to continue whilist continuing my higher studies, and like every year, I resolve to be a better human being, who is more sensitive towards others.

Tell us about the projects in the pipeline.

I have second seasons of Rajneeti, and Dakghor in the pipeline that will soon go on floors. But probably, right now, what I am most excited about is Arno Mukhopadhyay’s film Atthoi, based on their popular eponymous play. I am in talks for several projects, mostly films, and I hope they will come out well.


Any groundbreaking characters that we may see you playing?

Audiences will get to see me in a different avatar in Atthoi. Actors try to portray each of our characters very differently. No two characters should look similar. Even if we receive scripts with familiar characters, we must striveto present each of them differently. That ’s why we are actors. If we keep portraying characters the same way, people won’t watch us.

Which character from this year did you enjoy the most while filming?

All the characters are special no doubt, but I am a little biased towards Rashi Banerjee from Rajneeti. That character has so many shades and layers that it was pretty difficult and challenging to bring it to life. As an actor, I had to learn and unlearn so many things. It was a bit tough but I enjoyed the process a lot.

2023 also marked your stage debut. Any new play in the pipeline?

Unlike many other actors who hail from a theatre background, for me, theatre happened post my work in
television, OTT platforms and films. Since I have several committments in those mediums, taking time out for rehearsals becomes a little problematic.

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