Actor Raashi Khanna on her kickass role in Raj and DK's upcoming series Farzi

Besides Farzi which is all set to go live on February 16, Raashi will also be seen on the big screen along with Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani in Yodha by Dharma Productions.
Raashi Khanna
Raashi Khanna

After impressing all with her portrayal of Dr Aliya Choksi in the web series Rudra-The Edge of Darkness last year, Southern star Raashi Khanna is all set for a kickass start this year with the much-awaited series Farzi directed by Raj and DK. Serving as actor Shahid Kapur's launchpad in the world of OTT, Farzi has Raashi in a very pivotal role. She plays Megha whose expertise lies in sniffing out the fakest of fake notes. Besides Farzi which is all set to go live on February 16, Raashi will also be seen on the big screen along with Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani in Yodha by Dharma Productions.

We talk to the beautiful star about Farzi and more.

What drew you to Farzi?

I am a huge fan of Raj and DK since I watched Family Man. They established themselves as pioneers of the long format and I was excited to be a part of a series where there were amazing characters with their backstories.

Also, it's Shahid's OTT debut so that was a pull for me. Vijay Sethupathi is also there and it's exciting as an actor to work and learn from them.

How did you prepare for your role?

My character Megha is in her 30s and is very driven and passionate and is the Byomkesh Bakshi of fake notes. She is extremely skilled and a go-getter and very disciplined and driven. Most women will be able to relate to her since she represents the trials that women go through to constantly prove their worth in their professions. She is loveable and every small victory of hers will make you smile.

I had to learn a lot of new things for this role and had sessions with Raj and DK to know all about fake currencies and other related things. It was challenging and exciting as an actor.

Do you like working on a series?

A series is very different from a film because characters are more fleshed out and have backstories. Somewhere down the line, we become the characters we play on screen and while doing my scenes with Vijay I felt like Megha for 15-16 days. A series gives you more time to prepare and get into the skin of the character.

What's happening in your singing front?

For the past two years, my whole focus has gone into acting but singing is somewhere in the back of my mind and I am waiting for the right opportunity to collaborate or come out with something by myself. I have sung in Telugu and I would love to sing a song in Hindi sometime.

As an actor all these years how has the experience been? 

As an actor, you get to play so many different roles and step into other people's shoes and start thinking like them. You become more empathetic and start understanding yourself better and stop being judgemental. Also, the fact that every day you are on sets with so many creative people teaches you so much. In these 8-9 years, I have grown both as a human being and as an artist and I am grateful for that.

Who are the actors and filmmakers you look forward to working with?

There's Shah Rukh Khan, Rajamouli and Rajkumar Hirani on my list but there are so many others too.

Yodha will be releasing too. Tell us a little about your role.

I cannot disclose much about the same but all I can say is that you will love my character in Yodha.

How strong are you in real life?

I am very strong and my strength comes from spirituality. Success has not gone into my head and I am too gentle as a human being.

Your fashion choices? 

I believe in comfort and mostly I am in my pajamas, co-ords and dresses depending on my mood. I am not much of a jewellery person and I believe in simple and elegant styles. Sometimes it's all heels and at times it's sneakers for me since I keep experimenting with my looks but there's an underlining elegance and simplicity.

Your fitness regimen?

I am called a gym rat by many but I am more conscious of my health not for being a certain size but for being fit. I don't go on crash diets and I eat simple balanced food. I work out 5 days a week and meditate. My fitness routine is a combination of cardio, kickboxing, HIIT, and body weight training. But I feel everybody is different and reacts differently to exercises. So, it's important to have someone guide you.

Essentials in your bag always?

Wallet, perfume, lip balm, earpods, and a book.

Upcoming projects?

I have recently signed 3 Telugu films and there's something in Tamil too.

Farzi will be streaming on Amazon Prime from February 16

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