INTERVIEW| ‘Would like to work with women directors’: Faraaz actress Reshham Sahaani 

The actress marks her debut with Hansal Mehta’s latest release, Faraaz

Hansal Mehta’s latest release, Faraaz is grabbing headlines for portraying the deadly 2016 Dhaka attack. The gut-wrenching action thriller sees young and dynamic actress Reshham Sahaani playing the role of a courageous hostage named Ayesha trapped in a café where terrorists unleash mayhem. Marking a debut with a Hansal Mehta movie has cheered up Reshham who wishes to make it big in the film industry. She opens up to us about her background, “No one from my family is an actor or a part of the industry. I was always one of those studious children who scored great marks, so nobody thought I’ll choose to become an actor. As a child, I enjoyed playing dress-up with my cousins. I guess that stayed with me all these years. And finally, when my father pushed me to go for an acting workshop I felt ismein toh bada maza aata hai, yehi karte hai (acting is fun, let’s pursue it).”

She tells us about getting into the skin of Ayesha, “I think Ayesha is the opposite of what I’m in real life. She’s very brave. We did a lot of workshops over a period of three months to know the nuances of her character sketch. We used to learn how to recite surahs, understand their meanings and read Quran Sharif. I went to a couple of Madrasas just to know about the culture there. I read a lot about Bangladesh and listened to their national anthem Amar Sonar Bangla every day.”

Being a newcomer in the acting field can be overwhelming. For Reshham, it was difficult to stay patient right from the shoot till the release of the movie. She tells us how she copes on dull days during shoots, “I just do what I like. I enjoy reading and eating good food or just speaking to my friends. I’m a spiritual person so I pray hard when I’m having a tough day. Praying pacifies me.”

The actress is discerning about the kind of movies she wants to do. She tells us, “I look forward to doing something which I have never experienced before as a person. I want to be a part of films that show, not just tell. I would like to work with women directors like Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Debbie Rao and Anvitaa Dutt to name a few. They are powerful storytellers.”

Faraaz is currently running in theatres.

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