Tiger Shroff shares his fashion secrets

Not just that, the smart and suave actor also gets us a peek into his diet and fitness routine.
Tiger Shroff
Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff is a rage among the millennials for his washboard abs and smart sense of fashion. The face of the Carrera x Prowl eyewear collection, we speak to Tiger about his sense of style, love for sunglasses, and his diet and fitness regimen.

What is fashion for you? What is your style statement?

I can be called a fashion enthusiast who loves experimenting with clothes. I have made clothing choices which have broken gender norms and the definition of traditional clothing. I prefer wearing clothes that define and reflect my personality but at the same time are comfortable.

What’s the reason behind your love for sunglasses and collection?

I am a shy person and sunglasses give me the best opportunity to stay in my zone and at the same time be with the public. This collaboration is the perfect personification of me and my lifestyle and therefore I like all the pieces from the collection.

What’s your fitness regimen like?

I am a bit extreme, especially when it comes to following my fitness routine and, hence, I try not to miss my workout. A typical day for me would be ‘eat, train, dance, gym, work, sleep and repeat’.

What do you enjoy doing more, martial arts or dance?

Both and it depends on the requirement and my mood too.

What is your diet like?

I try to follow a proper diet and my dietician helps me to stay away from simple carbohydrates like sugar, cakes, sugary drinks, sweets, potatoes, and such. I usually try to take more proteins from natural sources and sometimes have whey protein powders too. On my cheat days, I prefer having desserts which I love and usually avoid on my normal days. Comfort food would be homemade food.

Your dad, Jackie Shroff, is literally ageing backwards. Do you guys exchange fitness tips?

My dad is always an inspiration. He gives me input on how to be steady, and consistent. Life is not a sprint. Rather, it’s a long race I feel.

What are the key exercises in your daily fitness regimen?

I work out regularly and plan it such a way that it has different techniques. Sometimes I mix cardio with a few dance steps and martial arts. However, my main focus is on building muscular strength through weight training.

Do you ever miss your workouts?

I try not to miss my workouts as I love working out and hence a minimum two hours workout is a must. Share some fitness tips for beginners. Not just beginners. This would be beneficial for all age groups, irrespective of your sex. Do avoid drinking and smoking and detoxify your body regularly. One should always, always train oneself under a professional trainer. If not professional training, try to inculcate some kind of physical activity in your daily life. And lastly, make sure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to maintain a toned, good physique.

What’s happening on the work front?

The upcoming action thriller Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, a multistarrer film, has been making headlines since its announcement and is all set to release on Eid 2024. Also, there is something interesting coming up that I would like to keep as a surprise.

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