'Tight Leather Pants Equals Success'

Ahead of his match against wrestlers Sheamus and Gunther, former WWE champion Drew McIntyre gets candid, revealing a humorous side to Indulge…
Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

Andrew McLean Galloway IV, who is better known by his stage name Drew McIntyre, is one of the most popular faces in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). From being part of 3MB, which had Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater, to becoming a two-time WWE champion, Drew has seen it all. He is known as the Scottish Psychopath and his finishing manoeuvre, the Claymore Kick, is one of the most loved by the WWE universe. Drew will be performing at the biggest wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania, on Sunday, where he will face popular contenders Sheamus and Gunther, for the intercontinental championship. We sat down with the former WWE champion to know more about his wrestling career, how his finishing move was developed, his working relationship with fellow wrestler Sheamus and lots more.

Last year you came to India to shoot for a campaign with Bollywood actor John Abraham and Kollywood star Karthi. How was that experience of coming to India and interacting with your fans?
It was amazing. It was my first time ever in India and I had been waiting to come here for years. I have always been blown away by the love Indians have shown me. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I received so much love. I had always heard of how big WWE was in India but witnessing that first hand was something very special. My wife was there with me for the trip, so, I got the chance to check out some Indian culture and architecture. I was blown away by the driving as people drive very fast in India. Some of them should be in Formula1 (laughs). My shoots with John and Karthi were amazing. Both were very friendly, especially John. He made me feel at ease and gave me a lot of advice.

Let us in on your diet and training routine?
I follow a very strict diet. About six or seven years ago, I learnt about how important it is to follow a diet. I used to have about three or four meals a day and a protein shake but then a couple of my buddies said that I should be eating five or six times a day. So, I upped my diet and started eating more healthy food. But I still ate my burgers, pizzas and Indian food. The difference was amazing. In about two months, I gained about 20 pounds. I workout four times a week and try to stay hydrated all the time. In short, Sheamus and Gunther are done for Wrestlemania because I am twice the size of both of them; I am stronger than both of them, more experienced than both of them and hopefully more handsome than both of them (laughs).

On and off stage, you have a very good relationship with Sheamus. Can you tell us about your experience working with him?
We are more like brothers. I argue with him more than I argue with my actual brother. People have seen on
TV what Sheamus and I can be like and we are the same in real life too. When we travel together, we argue on where we are going to stop, where we are going to eat and where we are going to stay. It’s almost like we are a married couple. Very often he gets upset and gives me a kick. He is very emotional and sensitive,

You are a former WWE champion and you held that title for a long time. How was that experience and getting that recognition?
It was awesome. It was my life’s goal to be a WWE champion and hold that title. You cannot be a champion unless everybody has that trust in you. I was the champion during a very difficult time, when the pandemic was at its peak. I had that sense of being a champion because I felt the need to go out there and perform for the people watching us from their homes, to give them a bit of distraction from the world outside. Having said that, I can’t wait to get my hands on a new title and that’s my goal at this season of Wrestlemania.

Something that has intrigued a lot of people is your finishing move and your entrance with the sword. Can you tell us more about how the idea for both came about?
The sword was Vince McMahon’s idea a couple of years ago. He wanted to try something different, something that was out of the box and had a bit of Scottish heritage. WWE is always famous for visual spectacles. You look at entrances of the likes of Undertaker, which was very theatrical but mine used to be very simple. But now I have a sword which shoots fireworks when I come out. My finishing move, the Claymore Kick, came about by accident. When I was in 3MB, my former character, I wore tight leather trousers. Once, I went to deliver a big boot, where you kick your opponent in the face. I realised my crotch was about to burst out, which I didn’t want to happen as millions of people were watching me. So, I picked up my other leg and hit my opponent on the face. When I went backstage, one of the agents told me if I could develop that move without hurting myself, I would have something. So, I worked on that, which eventually helped me win multiple titles. So, the moral of the story is, tight leather pants equals success.

You spoke about your love for India. When is the next time we can expect you in the country?
Hopefully soon! Last time I did meet some of the people and fans but there is so much that I want to do. I
want to be back as soon as possible because I love history and India has a lot of history which I want to explore. The IPL also starts soon; Jofra Archer is back this time, so my eyes will be here in India.

Watch WWE Wrestlemania 39 live on Sony Sports Ten 1 and Sony Sports Ten 4 (Tamil and Telegu) channels on 2nd and 3rd April, 5.30 am.

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