Mean Girls aka Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert reunite for 'secret' project

Listen up, mean girls! This is the only reunion that matters
Mean Girls reunite!
Mean Girls reunite!

Actors Amanda Seyfied, Lindsay Lohan, and Lacey Chabert are reuniting for a secret new project after nearly more than 20 years, as the iconic Mean Girls cast held a mini-reunion for a special secret commercial project in Los Angeles.

In the classic teen-comedy 2004 film, Lohan, 37, portrayed Cady Heron, a student who had just moved from Africa and gets outcast at her high school. It was there she was introduced to the seriousness of the social hierarchy as she met teen queen bees Karen Smith (Seyfried), Gretchen Wieners (Chabert), and their leader Regina George (Rachel McAdams) — they're fiercely known as The Plastics. However, Rachel McAdams was not present at the reunion, according to People magazine.

The ladies were all smiles and Seyfried, 37, and Chabert, 41, and much like The Plastics, all of them came out wearing pink. The fictional Toaster Strudel heiress was seen driving a silver convertible, much like the one from the famous “Get in loser — we’re going shopping” scene from the film.

In another photo, Seyfried was photographed holding a microphone while wearing a blazer — possibly a nod to her part in ‘Mean Girls’ where she did a school weather report letting her student body know there was “a 30 percent chance it’s already raining” as it was, indeed, already raining.

Details for the reunion are under wraps, but the movie is celebrating a huge milestone next year as 20 years after the original film hit theatres, the Mean Girls Musical Movie is debuting.

In a social media post commemorating the comedy's 19th anniversary, Lacey wrote: “'I’m forever thankful to have been a part of this special movie. The friendships that were formed because of it still bring so much joy to my life. Thank you to the fans for all of the support & love over the years."

Mean Girls Day was celebrated October 3 with Paramount releasing the original film on TikTok in 23 different snippets, ranging from 60 seconds to 10 minutes.

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