Writer Suman Kumar on the success of Guns & Gulaabs

The creator of Family Fan, Farzi gets candid about writing, comedy, and more

author_img Subhadrika Sen Published :  31st August 2023 11:59 PM   |   Published :   |  31st August 2023 11:59 PM

Suman Kumar in action

Suman Kumar, the man behind the Screenplays of Guns & GulaabsThe Family Man, and Farzi, is a writer, director, stand-up comic, bird photographer, an avid cook, and a forever learner. Indulge engages in a tete-e-tete with Kumar.

How did Guns & Gulaabs happen?

We had the premise of a small-town kid who is a class topper but loses his rank when a girl from a big city enters. When we were talking to Netflix we researched and thought about taking opium-related smuggling, gangsters, cartels and fusing it with the innocence. That’s how we have Guns & Gulaabs today.

What kind of research went behind re-creating the 90s?

Raj & DK and I lived through the 90s in small towns. Also, we had a list of markers like landlines, phone booths, lending libraries, cold drink brands, automobiles, etc.

A scene that you found difficult to write

The entire climax took us some time to crack because we were traversing through non-linear timelines with multiple narratives.

Do you put face to the characters while writing?

I usually don’t. Once the script is in a certain place where we can go into pre-production, then we start discussing choices.

What inspires you as a writer?

I’m perennially pregnant with stories. When you give me a series I’m like a kid in a candy store. I love creating characters and worlds. I don’t want to limit myself to just cinema or series, one day I’ll probably write a game.

Is there a genre you would like to explore?

Psychological horror

What is your take on writer’s block?

Fortunately, I have not faced it. I write six to eight hours a day but with breaks in between. I watch a YouTube Video, cook, or learn a song. As an artiste, it’s important to have hobbies.

How is the stand-up comedy scene shaping up?

I wrote a show called Mr. Mommy on my experience as a stay-at-home dad in Kolkata. I am also in the process of writing a show on our adopted dog, Buttercup. I don’t think it’s a good time for stand-up comics right now; so I hope to return to the stage in the next two years.

Your upcoming projects

My Tamil film is in post-production. I’m developing The Family Man 3 and also set to direct a crime-comedy Kannada film.

Guns & Gulaabs is streaming now on Netflix