Feels like Ishq actor Kajol Chugh talks about her next film Girls Will Be Girls 

The actress dug deep into her school life for her role in this film
Kajol Chugh
Kajol Chugh

Best known for her role in Chhatriwali, anthology series Feels Like Ishq and Shakeela, actress Kajol Chugh, who got featured in singers Kanishk Seth and Aarifah's music video Jahaan Pe Dil Hai that released on March 9, is on a roll. The actress is a part of two independent projects - Girls Will Be Girls, a feature film with Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal, and another music video, which are set to release in the upcoming months. We talk to Kajol about the same.

<em>Kajol Chugh</em>
Kajol Chugh

What's your role in Girls Will Be Girls?

Much can't be revealed about this as of now, but what I can tell you is, I really dug deep into my school life for this. As a kid some things really stick with you forever, and accessing that memory really gave me good insight into this character.

How did you become a part of Pushing Buttons produced by Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha?

I had auditioned with Dilip Shankar for a beautiful project before and I heard he was also casting for this film. We did two rounds of self-tests and then a final chemistry test with my co-actor. Dilip played a major role in helping me understand the character and ushered me into the project with ease.

You acted in Shakeela which starred Richa Chaddha. How was Richa as a co-star?

She is super enthusiastic on set, and I've seen her memorising a page full of lines in just a few minutes. In Shakeela, we didn't have scenes together since I played the younger version of her but she is nothing less than magic when it's time for "Action"!

<em>Kajol Chugh</em>
Kajol Chugh

What inspires you as an actor? 

I did this as a kid and I still continue to do so -- I watch films with excessive obsession and no distractions.

I'm really inspired by strangers, I love watching people and interacting with strangers, trying to understand them as much as I can.

What are the kinds of roles that excite you as an actor?

I'd love to play a character that's coming-of-age in a film, I'd love to explore the varied stages of the mind at different ages. I'm really looking forward to doing an all-out action film and definitely a character that breaks the fourth wall, like Fleabag.

It's my dream to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He creates a world where you can forget yourself and immerse yourself completely in another era with really heightened emotional scenes. I played Elektra in a college Greek tragedy production, and I'd love to explore something of the sort on screen.

Fashion choices

I'm really minimalistic and you'll find me lounging in shorts/ joggers and a white tee, and partying it up with high-waisted denim and a bodysuit or a comfy jumpsuit. For the longest time, black was my favorite color in any piece of clothing, but lately, it's orange. My most favorite accessory right now is an evil eye anklet, gifted by my mom.

Wardrobe must-haves

A really sexy and comfortable black dress or jumpsuit, an oversized grey jogger/sweatshirt.

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