Actor Mukul Chadda on his upcoming releases

While we are awaiting the second season of Sunflower, actor Mukul Chadda shares about joining the team of Made in Heaven 2, and his experience working in Rana Naidu.

Dharitri Ganguly Published :  26th May 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th May 2023 12:00 AM
Mukul Chadda

Mukul Chadda

Remember Dr Ahuja, the lecturer with a smug and affable demeanour, who becomes one of the prime suspects in the comic crime caper Sunflower? While we are awaiting the second season of the web show, actor Mukul Chadda shares about joining the team of Made in Heaven 2, and his experience working in Rana Naidu.

We often get to see characters like Dr Ahuja, who are polite on the outside but angry inside. Did real-life anger help you play this character?

I struggled with this a little, to be honest. My personality is very different from Dr Ahuja’s in this respect — even when angry, I tend to be in control. So I had to dig deep to channel uncontrollable rage, while also being conscious of social pretences. It was fun preparing for this character.

Any interesting anecdotes you want to share from Rana Naidu season 2?

I had an interesting episode on my very first day of shooting. On that morning, I woke up to read the news of the unfortunate accident on the sets of Alec Baldwin’s Rust, where the DOP was tragically killed because of a gun going off during rehearsal. I got nervous because my first day of shooting involved a scene with a gun going off, and all I could think of was how something could go wrong in our scene. Fortunately, our director Suparn Verma was also concerned about this after reading the news, and he immediately planned the scene in a way that involved no real guns. It was a great move that allowed all of us to relax and focus on the scene at hand.

You have played comic and serious characters, which is the most difficult genre for you?

I think comedy is harder to nail than serious drama because comedy needs the writing to be very tight for it to work well. Without a good script, even the best comic actors cannot save a scene. Comedy also is all about timing and needs more rehersal.

Do you think there’s more variety when it comes to roles, especially with the advent of OTT?

I think OTT has changed the kind of stories being told because technology permits us to tell stories of varying lengths now and so many different kinds of stories and storytelling narratives have emerged. Longer narratives also allow for many more characters to have a well-etched character graph, which is wonderful for actors.

Your upcoming projects?

I have Made in Heaven Season 2, and an untitled series by Nitya Mehra — both for Prime Video besides Sunflower Season 2. There’s also a bunch of films including Dhoom Dhaam, starring Yami Gautam and Pratik Gandhi, an untitled romantic comedy starring Arjun Rampal, and Fairy Folk, an Indie film.