Participants walk the ramp at Catwalk Season 1

Ms/Mr and Mrs rocked the ramp last night at a beauty pageant.
The pageant winners with Rannvijay
The pageant winners with Rannvijay

The contestants dazzled in designer wear and wore their confidence and smile on their faces as they walked the ramp last night at Catwalk Season 1 held at a city hotel last night. Over 50 participants took to stage under four categories – children, Ms, Mrs and Mr and battled over three rounds to win the top three spots.

The pageant was judged by an illustrious panel including Mohammed Shabbir Beig, Akash Nayyar, Abhisek Roy, Madhurima Basak, Indroneel Mukherjee, Anita Dutta, Mohammed Tanvir Beig and Madhabilata Mitra. Rannvijay Singha was the guest judge for the evening. All the judges cheered the contestants and upheld their morals during the evening.

Anita Dutta, entrepreneur and social activist who was one of the judges for the evening comments, “…pageants are just the platform where we don’t judge but give you the chances to improve yourself. The foremost thing is having confidence. The outlook doesn’t matter, the size, shape don’t matter in the modeling world. If you have the inner confidence and the boldness in you then you can just rock it.”

Throughout the evening the judges asked several questions to the contestants which allowed them to reveal their personalities better. From asking them to reflect on their life to topics like sacrifice, poverty, love, success, beauty, and more. To lighten the moment, Rannvijay also made the contestants display their talents in the form of dance, physique, and music.

To conclude the event, each category had three winners- Second Runners Up, First Runners up and Winner who took one last victory walk. Apart from that, there were special awards awarded in categories like Beautiful Smile, Best Personality, Best Confidence and Best Walk etc. For the Ms Category, Anju Pandey emerged as the winner while Saini Sarkar took away the prize for the Mrs Category and Aryan Ghosh was declared winner for the Mr Category. 

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