Sonam Kapoor (Pictures sourced from the actor's Instagram)
Sonam Kapoor (Pictures sourced from the actor's Instagram)

Sonam Kapoor shares her skincare routine & wellness choices

The actor has recently been roped in as the brand ambassador of ITC Vivel.

The elegant and beautiful Sonam Kapoor has always been unapologetically open about the care that goes behind her near-perfect skin and her sartorial choices. Recently roped in as the brand ambassador of ITC Vivel, Sonam says, “To be a part of the brand’s family was a natural choice for me. I’m drawn to brands that resonate with my values. The brand’s commitment to skincare and overall wellness aligns seamlessly with my personal ethos.” As we speak, Sonam also shares with us her choices when it comes to her skincare routine.

How responsible should brand ambassadors be, especially when it comes to skincare and wellness?

For me, it is extremely important to align myself with brands and products that not only match my personal beliefs but also contribute positively to the well-being of consumers. I see it as a commitment to promote authenticity and foster a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging choices that are mindful, genuine, and supportive of overall wellness is a responsibility that I take seriously.

What do you look for in your skincare products?

Skincare is a personal journey, and for me, the ideal skincare product strikes a harmonious balance between effectiveness and gentleness. I appreciate products that deliver tangible results without causing any side effects on the skin. I look for formulations that cater to the diverse needs of my skin, providing the care it requires without unnecessary complexities. Simple, effective, and gentle—these are the qualities I seek while selecting my everyday skincare products.

Does a nice, warm, fragrant bath after a long, tiring day make you happy?

Absolutely! There’s something incredibly rejuvenating about indulging in a nice, warm bath with a fragrant soap, especially after a hectic day. It’s not just a physical reset but also a mental and emotional one. The comforting warmth, coupled with a delightful fragrance, creates a soothing experience that brings happiness and a sense of calm. It’s a simple yet powerful self-care ritual that never fails to uplift my spirits.

What is your go-to skincare regimen, especially in winter?

Winter demands a bit of an extra care for the skin, and my go-to skincare regimen involves incorporating products that provide intense hydration. Usually, I start with a hydrating bathing routine. Post a shower, I ensure my skin remains well-nourished and moisturised. This often includes a hydrating cleanser, a rich moisturiser, and perhaps a nourishing mask for that extra boost. Consistency is key, and I make sure to stick to this routine to combat the dryness that winter can bring.

What’s your haircare routine?

Maintaining healthy hair is crucial, and my haircare routine revolves around simplicity and natural care. I’m a fan of regular oiling to nourish the scalp and keep my locks in good condition. Additionally, I opt for haircare products that prioritise natural ingredients. Whether it’s a gentle shampoo or a nourishing conditioner, I believe in giving my hair the care it deserves. A healthy hair routine adds the much-needed oomph to my overall look, and a good hair day boosts confidence.

What are those five things that are a must in your diet?

In my daily diet, I prioritise a mix of essential elements to ensure overall well-being. First, I make sure to include a variety of proteins, from lean meats, beans, or plant-based sources, to support muscle health and energy. Incorporating a colourful array of fruits and vegetables is a must for essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. H ydration is crucial, so ample water intake is on my list, contributing to skin health. Whole grains form a staple for sustained energy, and lastly, a touch of healthy fats, like those found in avocados or nuts, completes my diet for a well-rounded and nourishing meal plan.

What do you include in your cheat meals?

Cheat meals are my guilty pleasure! I love my ghar ka khana (home-cooked meals) but sometimes I like to indulge in Pav Bhaji… that is my go-to meal when I want to satisfy those occasional cravings.

Are you a fitness freak?

While I may not label myself as a fitness freak, staying active is a non-negotiable aspect of my routine. Whether it’s hitting the gym for a workout session, doing pilates, practising yoga for flexibility and mental well-being, or simply going for a jog to soak in some fresh air, staying active is vital for feeling good both inside and out. It’s about cultivating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that contributes to overall well-being.

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