Jennifer Lopez seeks half of Ben Affleck’s USD 150mn fortune amid divorce rumours: Reports

According to sources, JLo and Affleck are now residing in separate houses
In frame: Jennifer (L); Ben (R)
In frame: Jennifer (L); Ben (R)

Just two years after their whirlwind Las Vegas wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s fairytale romance appears to be over. The once inseparable couple has fuelled split rumours by living separately and lacking any public sightings together for over a month. Now, reports claim the situation could get contentious, with Lopez seeking a significant portion of Affleck’s fortune in a potential divorce settlement.

According to sources, JLo and Affleck are now residing in separate houses. Affleck, recently seen filming The Accountant 2, is renting a place close to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their children. Meanwhile, Lopez remains at her Los Angeles home with her twins Max and Emme. Their lavish Beverly Hills mansion is back on the market, further adding fuel to the divorce rumours.

While reasons for the split remain unclear, a source close to Lopez revealed a potentially explosive detail: a hefty financial demand. This source claims Lopez, despite her own immense wealth, is seeking ‘half of Ben’s nearly USD 150 million fortune.’ The insider with alleged knowledge suggests Jennifer Lopez shouldered a substantial financial burden throughout the marriage.

“Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now she feels he owes her,” the source claimed. They further elaborated, “She’s adding up all those private jet bills, hotels, meals, clothes...the high cost of living was done on her dime. She paid the lion’s share for that USD 60 million mansion too.” The source suggests Lopez feels financially exploited by Affleck.

The report implies that the rumoured split has caused Lopez to reassess the situation. Family members reportedly advised her to move on, questioning Affleck’s commitment.

As they remain distant, JLo focuses on self-love and work, sharing photos on Instagram, while Affleck continues filming without his wedding ring. Only time will tell if they can reconcile or if this celebrity love story ends in a costly divorce battle.

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