Imran Khan designs his dream house, reveals it is 'backed right up against the base of a cliff'

"I knew right away that the landscape had to dictate the design of the house," the actor explained
In Frame: Imran Khan
In Frame: Imran Khan

In a surprising twist, Bollywood actor Imran Khan revealed on Instagram that he has spent the past few years building a house in a remote location. This revelation has captivated netizens, sparking curiosity about Imran's transformation to a minimalist lifestyle.

Earlier this year, he revealed in an interview his shift to a minimalist lifestyle and his decision to quit acting after Katti Batti flopped. After a decade away, he has returned to social media and now has shared his joy in building a remote house despite no formal training in architecture, embracing simplicity and nature.

The decision to embark on this ambitious project stemmed from his love for unique landscapes. He chose a site characterised by its uneven terrain, flanked by two seasonal streams and nestled at the base of a cliff, all with a breathtaking view of the sunset. "I knew right away that the landscape had to dictate the design of the house," he explained.

Imran emphasised that his intention was not to create a lavish vacation villa but rather to construct a home that harmonises with its natural surroundings. "The house isn't meant to be the view, it's a shelter from which to admire the view," he stated.

To achieve this, the actor spent the first year observing the site at various times of the day and through different seasons. This allowed him to understand the nuances of the landscape, such as the flow of the streams during rains and the changing foliage. These observations informed his design sketches, which he continuously revised and refined.

Collaborating with a contractor and a structural engineer, Khan opted for traditional construction methods over modern concrete slabs. He chose a stone plinth for the base, single-storey brick walls, steel roof beams, and prefabricated insulated roofing sheets. This approach not only honoured the local building traditions but also proved to be cost-effective.

Imran's journey from Bollywood star to self-taught architect in a secluded setting has resonated with many, highlighting a shift towards simplicity and a deeper connection with nature. His fans are both surprised and inspired by his dedication to creating a home that truly reflects his minimalist philosophy.

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