Mithila Palkar returns to the world of audio shows with another series, only this time she essays a character from the Marvel universe

The actress gets chatty about the challenges of a voice artiste, her journey in the industry, so far and more
Mithila Palkar
Mithila Palkar

Every actor is akin to a comfort zone — be it a certain type of role, techniques or even artistes they work with. It’s the space where you feel at ease and can perform your best without feeling overly challenged or anxious. Stepping out and pushing those boundaries isn’t something actress Mithila Palkar, who voices Sofia in Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wolverine, shies away from.

“I’ve done an audio show before this (Little Things: When Dhruv Met Kavya) but that is a character that I have grown up with and it feels like my second skin. All of us know about these characters, whether through audio or video medium. Even if you wake me up in the middle of the night and make me shoot for Little Things, I’ll still be able to do it. But Sofia is a new character and I had to emote so many things just using my voice and that was challenging — from silences and expressing myself through breath and sighs to jumping and running. As someone who uses my hands very often even when I’m talking, to not be able to lean onto that visual aid and just express through voice was very arduous, very new,” Mithila begins.

Of course, we have all seen Mithila Palkar grow through the years, not just in her girl-next-door roles but also in her journey from her YouTube video days to her rocking every web series she’s starred in and gracing the silver screen. But for those who don’t know her well, here’s a small bio. Rewinding to 2016, when Mithila donned the hat of Meera Sehgal — a twenty-one-year-old girl who arrives in Mumbai aspiring to become a fashion designer — for the web series Girl in the City. In that very same year, her Marathi version of the Cup Song broke the internet and she also ended up bagging her most popular role of Kavya Kulkarni in Little Things. But did you know that the actress made her debut with Majha Honeymoon in 2014? It was a Marathi short film that was showcased at the 16th Mumbai International Film Festival.

Now that’s the professional front of her story but we ought to know what sparked her interest in acting or just being in front of the camera or on stage and Mithila doesn’t disappoint. “The first time I went on stage as an actor was when I was 12. I had been on stage before — I had danced and done some singing but I had never acted. We were participating in an inter-school competition and I was like this is it. I had never felt that happy and liberated in my life before and I wanted to feel like that all the time. That became a stepping stone to realise that this is probably something I want to do.” Mithila reveals.

Coming back to the Hindi Audible Original podcast series, we enquire how the actress feels to be a part of this cinematic universe and she says, “Who doesn’t want to be a part of Marvel’s universe? To be a superhero and to be Wolverine’s sidekick — what’s not to love about being a part of this series? It feels excellent and spectacular actually.” And what drew her to the character of Sofia? She elucidates, “Sofia is extremely resilient and sees all the good through the bad. She knows that even though everything is down to the dumps, with good people and with the right amount of work — which she is also willing to put in — she can resurrect the world.”

Speaking of different roles, the actress has often expressed her interest in playing more than just the girl-next-door and lately she has experimented the same with films like Tribhanga (2021) and Chopsticks (2019). “It is very obvious that I get to play the girl-next-door parts. Perhaps also now it comes naturally to me because I’ve dabbled into that space quite a lot. I want to play an assassin because I watched this show called Killing Eve and I thought to myself, hey, that’s going to be terrific. Anything that involves hand-to-hand combat where I get to bring down the bad guys or even play the bad guy — those kinds of things really excite me. All the action I got to do with my voice as Sofia, I really want to portray that on screen,” she tells us.

Stepping away from work, we ask the actress about her favourite ways to unwind. “Besides food, of course, I can never get over good food. But in this case, all of us enjoy the same kind of music, even if it is music from cinemas. Be it hindustani classical or carnatic, we like to listen to everything. I grew up listening to Natya Sangeet and my father loves to educate himself about music and he is a big fan of the radio, as am I. I look forward to five-minute drives just because I can switch the radio on and listen to music. My favourite way of unwinding is sitting on the swing in my nani’s house and listening to music. I also love travelling. I have never been to Europe, so hopefully, I will be able to tick that off my bucket list soon,” Mithila enthuses.

Before we wrapped up our conversation, we had to ask her what the audience could expect from her next. “There are so many exciting things that I want to talk about but will only be able to closer to the date of release. But there are films that I have done and films that I’m working on. Having said that I am making my Tamil debut with Oho Enthan Baby, which I’m going to start working on soon,” the actress concludes.

Mithila the animal lover!

From time to time, we have got glimpses of Mithila completely in love with animals. She has taken to her Instagram to post about everything from dogs to cats and even the happiest animal on earth (quokka) that she met on her trip to Australia. So, it did not surprise us when she added, “I would love to switch lives with a cat for a day, to be able to laze around all day and get pets whenever I want.”

Quick 4 with Mithila:

Your favourite thing about being Marathi?

The food

What’s the last song you listened to on repeat?

Akhiyan by Fuzön

A show/movie you are currently watching?

One Day and Chithha

Your favourite onscreen role?

Kavya Kulkarni


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