This baby's the boss 

Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow, who play key roles in  the animated film Boss Baby, talk about sibling rivalry and the film’s tone

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They first appeared together as a couple on the popular TV sit-com F.R.I.E.N.D.S (episode: The One In Massapequa) in 2002. Fifteen years later, Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow reunite for the animated family comedy, Boss Baby, which releases today — only, they play mother and son this time. Baldwin voices the baby, who is really a spy on an undercover mission who has to set his sibling rivalry with his older brother aside to accomplish his mission. While Kudrow, who admits to being the ‘boss baby’ of her family, plays the unsuspecting mom. Over to Baldwin and Kudrow...

Did you have any sibling rivalries?
Alec Baldwin: I was the oldest of four boys, I had an older sister and a younger sister. I think that my sister Beth and I being the oldest two, were treated very differently than our younger siblings. When my sister arrived, she was the first child and it was joy and happiness. When I arrived, everyone was happy because I was the first son. Then with each child that arrived afterward I think my parents were like, ‘oh god, what are we going to do now.’ 
Lisa Kudrow: Well, I don’t have the same story that the siblings (in the film) do, as I grew up in reality. I’m the youngest of three by a lot of years, so they already had to deal with a lot of sibling rivalry with each other by the time I came along. 

What parts of this movie resonate with you?
AB: That having a wonderful and positive family experience is irreplaceable. My wife and I have three kids. We have a lot of fun plans for them when they get older, but right now, they’re still pooping in their pants. 
LK: Every mom is going to relate to this. 

How would you describe the tone of the film?
AB: It is a little crazy, it has a break-neck pace, and has some really wild actions sequences.  But in the end, it’s very much a warm, emotive finish, where the boss baby character gets what he always wanted in life. 
LK: This movie is funny and yet heartfelt, exactly that. I got choked up at the end.

Boss Baby releases today