3 upcoming movies that may have cameos of  Marvel Comics' creator Stan Lee

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Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Marvel Comics iconic writer and the man behind many superheroes, Stan Lee, died on Monday at 95. His legacy, however, will continue to entertain the world of comic geeks for years to come. Although his writing for comic books was mostly over, Lee continued to do cameo appearances in various films. When talking to a popular media organisation, director Joe Russo confirmed that Lee had more MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) cameos filmed. “Stan, typically we try to get him out — he doesn’t love to fly — so we try to get him out for his cameos around the same time. So if we have other movies shooting on the same lot that we’re on, for instance, Ant-Man 2 or Avengers 4, we group his cameos together and then move him from one set to the next and kind of get him through his cameos in one day,” said Russo.

Here are three other films we will see Lee in:

1. Lee will first be seen in Ralph Breaks the Internet, which hit the theatres later this month. According to reports, audience must look out for Vanellope Von Schweetz, who can be seen being chased through the hallways of the Oh My Disney fansite by Stormtroopers from Star Wars. As she weaves by various Disney characters and signs featuring all the studios Disney has acquired this decade, one of the stars she nearly knocks over is Lee himself. A sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, the movie is directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston

2. Although there’s no confirmation, Lee will reportedly have a cameo appearance in Captain Marvel. According to a few fan theories, Stan The Man’s cameo may be digitally de-aged to look like Lee in the ’90s, the period the film takes place.

3. That apart, considering Russo’s confirmation, Lee will certainly have a role in Avengers 4. While there’s no confirmation on what role he will play, Marvel reportedly said that Lee can be seen portraying a celestial being, Uatu, witnessing the rise of heroes. The sad news for fans is that Avengers 4 could be Lee’s final Marvel cameo as this movie will end an entire era of Marvel movies.