Srijit Mukherji’s Ek Je Chhilo Raja’s trailer crosses 4.5 lakh views in 24 hours

Srijit Mukherji's Puja release Ek Je Chhilo Raja's trailer is laready creating waves and is on its way to set new records

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Ek Je Chhilo Raja’s trailer

A still from Srijit Mulkherji's Ek Je Chhilo Raja

When it comes to creating razzmatazz around a film release and taking the promotions to a crescendo, no one can beat filmmaker Srijit Mukherji. A pro in the game of film marketing, the brouhaha around Mukherji’s Puja release, Ek Je Chhilo Raja, has reached its zenith with the launch of its trailer yesterday. Not even 24 hours have passed and the trailer is already on its way to reach five lakh views.

The film, a period courtroom drama, is based on the life and times of pre-independent era’s feudal lord, Raja Ramandra Narayan Roy. One of the inheritors of the Bhawal estate in present Bangladesh, the prince, a debauch man, contracted syphilis and died in Darjeeling, where he went for treatment along with his wife, Bibhabati Devi and her brother Satyendranath Banerjee and died at the age of 26. But he reappeared after twelve years in Bhawal as a sanyasi and later admitted that he was indeed the prince. A long-drawn court case ensued with the prince finally winning the verdict in his favour, thereby reclaiming his rights over the estate.

Actor Jisshu Sengupta at the trailer launch of Ek Je Chhilo Raja

Many films, such as Sanyasi Raja, where actor Uttam Kumar reprised the role of Bhawal Snayasi, and television serials have been made on this legendary tale. But Mukherji has chosen A Princely Imposter? – a historical book on the court case saga by Partha Chatterjee – as his point of reference and has tried to stick to the reality of the story as far as possible. “I have concentrated on the court proceedings more and have only changed the names a little. The only cinematic liberty that I have taken is to change the names of the lawyers defending the prince and his wife. In my film, I have turned the queen’s lawyer into a woman and the role has been reprised beautifully by Aparna Sen,” says Mukherji.

Mukherji astutely chose 112, Ripon Street – the final resting place of Bhawal Raja, now turned into a police museum – as the venue for the trailer release. “History has always aroused me as a storyteller. I love going back to the past and digging the layers of truth buried within it. Be it in Jatishwar, Rajkahini or now, Ek Je Chhilo Raja, period drama has always excited me as a filmmaker,” says Mukherji, whose film, Ek Je Chhilo Raja will release this October 12.

The cast and crew of Ek Je Chhilo Raja at the trailer launch

Produced by SVF Entertainment, the  film will see Jisshu Sengupta as Bhawal Raja, with Jaya Ehsan playing his sister and Rajnandini Paul playing his wife. Actors Aparna Sen and Anjan Dutt will be reprising the roles of lawyers in this courtroom drama. Promising actor Anirban Bhattacharya will be seen as the prince’s brother-in-law.

“Srijit has always exploited me in his movies and posed challenges for me as an actor, be it Zulfikar, Rajkahini or Jatishwar. And he makes me discover myself as an actor every time. I would say this is the most challenging role physically so far,” says Jisshu Sengupta, who plays the lead in this film.

It will be actor director Anjan Dutt’s second film with Mukherji this year after Uma, where he simply stole the show. Tollywood is seeing Dutt and Mukherji back together as a team after a long gap.

Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji (extreme right) with actors Anjan Dutt and Aparna Sen

“Any good relationship is a love-hate relationship. I am a choosy actor and Srijit likes me. We definitely had our share of problems, but despite everything, we like working with each other, I think by far it Srijit’s most well made film,” says a candid Dutt.

For actor Anirban Bhattacharya, this will be a big Puja release for him. “This is my first Puja release. It will be a whole new experience for me. I am playing the prince’s brother-in-law and it’s a very important grey character and it’s my USP in the movie,” says Bhattacharya, who will also be seen in Mukherji’s winter release Shah Jahan Regency.

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