The trailer of Pavel's Asur, starring Jeet, Abir Chatterjee and Nusrat Jahan is very engaging 

Pavel's third film, Asur, starring jeet, Nusrat and Abir is a tribute to the maverick sculptor Ramkinkar Baij
Asur's poster
Asur's poster

Touted as a tribute to the maverick sculptor Ramkinkar Baij, Pavel's upcoming movie Asur's trailer that released today on Jeet's birthday makes us feel that the movie has all the right ingredients to engage the audience. 

Going by the trailer, the movie's plot has a strong reference to the 2015 Durga Puja when a stampede-like situation occurred at the Deshapirya Park Puja when a record crowd of over a few lakhs gathered around the location to just get a glimpse of the mammoth 88-feet Durga idol created by artist Mintu Pal. Such was the scramble to see the idol that the police had to block access to the Puja before finally declaring it completely closed for public viewing.

<em>Jeet as Kigan in Asur</em>
Jeet as Kigan in Asur

Here in Asur, Jeet is portraying the of Kigan, a passionate and independent artist who has created the tallest Durga leading to an unprecedented crowd and out-of-control situation. Jeet is nearly unrecognisable in his long unkempt hair dishevelled looks. 

<em>Nusrat Jahan as Aditi in Asur</em>
Nusrat Jahan as Aditi in Asur

But that's just a part of the story and the movie is also a relationship tale of a deep friendship gone haywire between Kigan and Bodhi, played by Abir Chatterjee. Nusrat Jahan plays the role of Aditi, who seems to be the love interest of Jeet. Abir's Bodhi, who is into textile business sponsors more than half a century of Durga Pujas around the city and employs his friend Kigan to make something unique. 

<em>Abir as Bodhi in Asur </em>
Abir as Bodhi in Asur 

Abir will be seen in a negative role again after Mainak Bhaumik's Borno Porichoy that released early this year.

Incidentally, Mimi Chakraborty was initially supposed to play Nusrat's character in this film which will also see Prosenjit Chatterjee in a cameo role. Interestingly, the script of Bollywood movie Bala, starring Ayushmann Khurrana that released a few weeks back, was written by Pavel.

Asur, which is Pavel's third film after Babar Naam Gandhiji and Rosogolla, will release on January 3 next year.

To watch the trailer, click the link below:

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