Tollywood actors Arjun Chakrabarty and Madhumita on their latest movie, Love Aaj Kaal Porshu

Actors Arjun and Madhumita chat about love today, tomorrow and forever
Arjun and Madhumita
Arjun and Madhumita

The times are sure a-changin’ but the feeling of love, that first kiss and holding hands, still remain the same. That’s one of the key ideas of filmmaker Pratim D Gupta’s romantic thriller, Love Aaj Kal Porshu, which stars the dashing Arjun Chakrabarty and debutante Madhumita Sarkar, and is set to release on Valentine’s Day. They will be seen portraying three different couples in the film, which has a few steamy scenes that have already created a flutter on social media. We sat down for a quick chat with Madhumita and Arjun about the film. Excerpts:

After a very successful stint in television, this is your debut on the big screen. How does it feel?

Madhumita Sarkar: After the serials, I was waiting for such a debut opportunity, a film that has good content, and where I have something to do. I am very thankful to Pratim that he thought of me for all these three roles.

<em>Madhumita and Arjun  in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu</em>
Madhumita and Arjun  in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu

And, Arjun is looking so good again. You are the new poster boy of our times...

Arjun Chakrabarty: I guess I do a lot of gymming, that’s why people are loving me in these characters (laughs). It feels good at times to play the guitar, and stuff like that.

Love Aaj Kal Porshu will see you as three different couples. Are they from different eras?

AC: Nothing like that. It’s a story of love that’s evergreen, undying, and stays alive. It has a psychological take, a new way of showing a love story, where I play three roles of Abhishek, Abhijit and Abhirup, and Madhumita plays Trine, Tapsee and Tripti, who are very different from each other. We can’t divulge much, but it has been revealed that Kalki Maitra (played by Paoli Dam) has a crucial role behind their coming to the hotel. You could say, it’s a psychological romantic thriller.

<em>Madhumita and Arjun will be seen in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu</em>
Madhumita and Arjun will be seen in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu

There are many steamy scenes here. How comfortable were you, given that it’s your debut movie?

MS: Initially, I didn’t think I’ll end up doing these scenes, since I was sceptical how they might turn out. My fans and audience are used to seeing me in saris and salwar kurtis, hence there was a concern from that angle. But with the kind of movies I grew up watching, these particular scenes didn’t concern me at all. While shooting them, it was as natural and normal like any other scenes, and Arjun was a great help in making me comfortable.

Which medium are you enjoying more — film or television?

MS: Films, for sure. I have worked in television for long now, and there are huge differences between both the media. In a TV series, the story track changes every week according to TRP ratings, but for films, we know how the story will end since the very beginning, and that never gets compromised. So, the flavour of the content remains intact.

<em>Madhumita and Arjun in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu</em>
Madhumita and Arjun in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu

How was it to work with Pratim?

AC: This film has a unique story, and it’s an interesting drama with plenty of entertainment. I like the way Pratim thinks and makes films, and we are on a similar wavelength. So, I love collaborating with him.

MS: Pratim is very sorted, and he puts no added pressure on us, and he handles everything very calmly.

How has Valentine’s Day changed for you, over the years?

AC: When I was 15 or 16 years old, I mistook it for something grand and exciting, but now, I understand it’s just another pin on the calendar, for no apparent reason. I have no memories of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Sreeja (his wife) and I go out every other day for dinners, and I bring her flowers on birthdays and anniversaries. So, it’s nothing extra that I feel on this particular day.

MS: When I was in school, it used to be a very hectic and disturbing day, which I rather tried to give a miss. It felt as if the whole school used to go mad on that day. I don’t like the frenzy around something as pure as love.

<em>Arjun Chakrabarty will be seen in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu</em>
Arjun Chakrabarty will be seen in Love Aaj Kaal Porshu

Are there any new projects you are doing?

AC: Nothing as yet. Two more movies of mine, Anjan Dutt’s Shaheber Cutlet and Subhrajit Mitra’s Avijatrik are slated for release later this year.

MS: I play the title role in Mainak Bhaumik’s next film, Cheeni, which is a story of the generation gap between a mother and child, and how they can’t relate to each other. Aparajita Auddy plays my mother.

Quick takes

What does love mean, to you?

AC: ‘Commitment, loyalty and giving each other space.’

MS: ‘Respect, responsibility and space.’

What impresses you most in people?

AC: ‘Intelligence and vocabulary.’

MS: ‘Respect for everyone.’

And, what puts you off?

AC: ‘When someone tries to portray what they are not.’

MS: ‘Talking too much.’



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