Satyajeet Dubey's short film is a forbidden-love story of Harshit and Rahila, inspired by Shakespeare

Dhruva Harsh's short, Harshit is inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

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If you wish to take a break from gang wars and all the blood and gore and dark themed contents on your screen then we suggest you watch Harshit starring Satyajeet Dubey in lead.

This beautiful short film now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, Harshit, is inspired by playwright William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.’ Directed by Dhruva Harsh, the story revolves around a Hindu boy named Harshit, and Rahila, a young Muslim girl, who fall in love with each other. Their relationship, of course, is not acceptable to the family and what follows is pain and suffering for both the families and the couple and their friends. Will Harshit’s love win at the end? Find it out yourself, in this gripping and heart-wrenching tale. 

“Harshit is close to my heart as it beautifully paints the picture of the tragic love story of Harshit and Rahila who belong to two different backgrounds. It is inspired by the magnificent Shakespearean classic whose appeal hasn’t faded a bit in today’s times. The film’s subtly nuanced characterization is what I find most striking. It manages to capture the layers of symbolism the play Hamlet contains while depicting an Indian set up and being heavily influenced by Indian culture,” says the actor. Continuing he adds, “My character Harshit is that of a conflicted young boy who is torn between love and the reality of communal hatred which he eventually finds himself to be a victim of”.

The film has been showcased at renowned film festivals and earned appreciations at festivals like the 16th Mindanao Film Festival 2018, Philippines, 7th Delhi International Film Festival New Delhi 2018, Pondicherry International Film Festival 2018, 4th International Film Festival of Shimla 2018 and 7th Smita Patil International Film Festival – 2018.