Satrajit Sen's short Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi will leave you in splits with Mir playing Samay

This lockdown short attempts at finding the way to the heart through food
Mir Afsar Ali in Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi
Mir Afsar Ali in Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi

Four young couples staying in four different parts of the world mend their strained relationships and reunite through food. That's the storyline of a lockdown short film, Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi directed by filmmaker and producer Satrajit Sen. A heartwarming story of love recreated on-screen by real-life couples this film will surely put the smile back on your face.

What's great about the film is that all the couples shown in the film are real-life partners and amateur artistes, with Mir Afsar Ali being the only actor, who plays the role of Samay or time. 

Powered by Offbeat essentials, this film also has food blogger Indrajit Lahiri as a part of the cast. Indrajit runs and hosts Foodka, a popular food channel on YouTube.

<em>Meghdut and Pauline in Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi</em>
Meghdut and Pauline in Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi

"In most cases, the children of the couples have helped shoot the film during the lockdown. Due to terrible internet connectivity thanks to the cyclone Amphan, we couldn't upload the film before May 30 but I am glad it resonated with the audience. I wanted ordinary people to tell their tales on screen and hence developed this idea," tells Satrajit Sen, the director of Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi. 

"My wife and daughter helped me to create this funny-looking persona of time. I used one of the scarves they got from Egypt and wrapped the same around my head like a turban with two forks planted on it, resembling the two hands of a clock. With nothing really to do during the lockdown, it was worth shooting the fun film. I loved narrating the story and connecting the four couples in the film," tells Mir.

<em>Indrajit Lahiri</em>
Indrajit Lahiri

"This is my first film. In my channel Foodka, the conversation is organic and spontaneous with no scripted dialogues. So, this film was indeed a new experience for me since I had to learn dialogues by heart and deliver them perfectly on camera," tells Indrajit Lahiri.

The couples include Pauline and Meghdut from Paris, Saheli and Sumanta from the US, Khyati and Rahul from London and Sangeeta and Philip from Canada with each one among the pairs having roots in Kolkata.

You can watch Grub Ne Bana Di Jodi on YouTube at Foodka channel.

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