From Khujli to Glitch, our pick of short films to watch this weekend

The films, by Terribly Tiny Tales, cover everything from sci-fi to arranged marriage
A still from Khulji
A still from Khulji

Done with all the Netflix shows you had lined up? Are you wondering what to watch next? Terribly Tiny Tales, the online platform for short films, is a great way to kill time when you’re stuck at home. We shortlisted the best films to watch, to fill up all that time you would normally spend commuting to and from work.

Ved & Arya
It’s a Friday night and Ved (Nakuul Mehta) is not expecting any guests. However things turn upside down when Arya (Sanaya Irani) turns up unannounced with an agenda. This film is directed by Ritesh Menon. 

Kaande Pohe | Valentines Day 
Kaande Pohe is an essential snack in Maharashtrian arranged marriages. It is the snack that is traditionally served when a boy visits a girls' family for the first time. The day is called 'Kaande Pohe Cha Kaaryakaram'. This film is a take on this tradition. It stars Ahsaas Chanana and Tushar Pandey, and is directed by Shubham Yogi. 

Starring Amrita Puri and Sumeet Vyas, this looks at the reality of relationships. When a couple has a wild night in bed, it leaves a very visible mark that can be seen by everyone. This leads the couple to take stock of themselves and their relationship.

This is one for science fiction fans. Twelve-year-old Karan is devastated by his parents’ divorce. However, he finds a glitch in time and decides to use his time-travelling abilities to go back into the past and change the future. 

The legendary Neena Gupta and Jackie Shroff come together for this film that deals with secret desires and hidden fantasies. Girdharilal and Roopmati are inspired to act on their 25-year-old desire. What follows is a revival of the fire in their relationship. 

Watch all the films on their YouTube channel Terribly Tiny Tales

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