Madhur Agarwal’s thriller, Lips Don’t Lie, chronicles the changing dynamics of  relationships 

Filmmaker Madhur Agarwal brings 12 different stories playing with the theme of love
Hamid and Rachel in Lips Don't Lie
Hamid and Rachel in Lips Don't Lie

Madhur Agarwal’s anthology of romantic thrillers titled Lips Don’t Lie brings forth multiple narratives about love. However, it’s not about the shades of pink and red in the emotion, but everything in between. It’s about greed, lust, anger, hatred and more that make the narratives a spine-chilling experience with extraordinary twists. Interestingly, the individual stories from the anthology are titled after four superhit Raj Kapoor movies. Agarwal talks to us about Lips Don’t Lie in detail. Read on:   

When was the idea of Lips Don't Lie conceived?

When I came on board with Gemplex, I shared my original idea, to make a bunch of 12 stories – 4 stories each in 3 seasons. They were instantly game for it and their confidence in my stories gave me the boost to start the shoot immediately in 2019.

The theme of season one is love and I first started with shooting the last part of the series "Biwi o Biwi" starring Tanuj and Aahana. Post that, it was just about putting everything together. And finally, Lips Don’t Lie was ready. 

Tell us more about the theme that the four stories follow.

The theme of the entire IP is based on relationships. It’s all about knowing your inner demon and your dark side. No one admits about their weaknesses, emotions, anger, or instinct. Everyone wants to put up a strong front and show the stronger side to the world and even to those who are your close and loved ones. Relationships today aren’t so pure as they used to be. It’s more about co-existing with each other. Lips Don’t Lie showcases those ulterior motives that one has or can have. The extent that one can go to satiate one's hunger, greed, lust and selfishness; be it in love or in friendship or in the family.  

You have roped in some interesting names for the film. How was it having them on the sets?

Well it was an absolute delight working with the entire cast. We shot Biwi O Biwi first with Tanuj and Aahana. Our acquaintance goes back to college as we are all from HR College, Mumbai. It would surprise the rest of the cast when they saw Tanuj and Aahana swapping roles from those scenes full of psychotic moments to the chilling moods we shared once I called it a cut.

Charlie, Sanjana, Kunwar Amar, Ayyaz, Shishirji, Gireesh and in fact everyone was extremely co-operative. Technical glitches can happen on the biggest of sets and yet they all made it seem so smooth. We had our moments too but there was not a single time when any of the actors showed any tantrums or refused to do anything I said or asked for. 

There was one scene with Sanjana needing prosthetics but something went wrong with her mask. She did not let that bog down her spirit once and patiently let us fix everything. This meant we had to shoot till the minute she left to catch her flight and yet; she did it to the Tee.

Again, working with DOP Abhishek Basu (brother of Anuraag Basu) was creatively satisfying. He understood exactly what I needed and did not stop until he got it on camera. I remember we had a pool scene, and due to last-minute improvisations, we did not have a Jimmy Jib, but Abhishek was not one to let loose. He literally jumped in the pool to get what I wanted.

What's next?

Maybe season 2 and 3 of Lips Don’t Lie, fingers crossed!!!

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