Actor Adah Sharma talks about her next film, Man to Man

The actor loves to keep fit by practising Silambam with stick

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  25th September 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th September 2020 12:00 AM

Adah Sharma

Busy shooting at Hyderabad for a Telugu film, actor Adah Sharma relaxes by playing the piano at her hotel post-filming. “I love playing the piano at home, and thankfully the hotel has one too,” says the extremely poised actor over the phone. The artiste, who plays the female lead in the popular Commando film series, has left a mark in the webspace too with her performances in Moh, The Holiday and Tinday.

Now, she is garnering praises for her soulful act in the web film, Soul Sathi, directed by Abir Sengupta, that recently released on Eros Now. We caught up with the actor about work, love and more. Excerpts:

Like in the film Soul Sathi, have you ever wondered if a man, in real life, likes you for your looks?

Well, I never thought of it like that, but now that you have put it in my head, I will have these doubts (laughs).

Adah Sharma

What are the qualities you would like for a man to appreciate in you?

I would like a man to appreciate that I enjoy the silence and disappear at times with my phone switched off. I don’t like to interact with people too much, I am a very good company for myself. I am a very committed person, but sometimes I simply like to be left alone.

What are the other projects that you are working on at present?

I have signed a horror movie, and another movie, Man To Man, which has also been directed by Abir Sengupta and is ready for release. It’s an interesting film where a man falls in love and gets married. B u t after the wedding, he finds out that his wife is actually a man. I play the wife, and it was challenging to be very feminine and yet not look too petite. Commando 4 and The Holiday Season 2 are also on the cards.

How do you keep fit?

I have a very set fitness routine, and I don’t need a gym for that. The exercises are different every day. Sometimes it’s kathak and sometimes cardio, but two things remain constant — yoga and pranayam. Also, I practise freehand with Silambam stick that I learnt during the shoot of Commando.

Adah Sharma

What’s your skin and hair care regimen?

I suffered from a bad bout of eczema three years ago. It was really bad and was accompanied with painful cystic acne. Since then, I stick to home remedies and minimal make-up. I apply aloe vera on my face at night and use a homemade ubtaan comprising walnut, almond and papaya. I carry 1.5 litres of water in my bag along with a lip balm and aloe vera gel.

For healthy hair, it’s important to take care of the scalp. I wash it thoroughly every day and apply hibiscus flower paste to keep it clean and shiny.

A beauty hack you swear by?

Beetroot juice is a very good natural blush. Also, I do 50 handstands in the morning to get a natural blush.