Location Diaries: Rayar Parambarai - Rural rendezvous

This weekly column details the fascinating encounters that often take place on the sets of a film and this week, it is actor Krishna's experiences for Rayar Parambarai
Actor Krishna for Rayar Parambarai
Actor Krishna for Rayar Parambarai

Actor Krishna's trip to Pollachi to shoot for Rayar Parambarai turned out to be a memorable experience. The team shot for a crucial action sequence in a massive coconut fibre factory. "The factory separated the fibre from the shells of dry coconuts, and it was the first time I got to observe this fascinating process. There was also a huge mound of dry coconut fibre—nearly nine feet high. We had to fight while standing on layers of peeled and dry coir fibre laid out."

When the fighting began, so did his ordeal. "When I fell on the dry coir for the stunt, the sharp edges of uneven shells and dry fibre jabbed me all over. Moreover, our movements loosened the fine, reddish-brown powdered form of fibre which spread in the air like mist. Soon, the powdered husk was inside my clothes, hair and even got into my nose and mouth." Between shots, Krishna had to keep wiping the dust from his face and get his make-up right once again. "We shot like that for four days. It was arduous but unavoidable."

Filming in Pollachi proved more enjoyable. "Whenever we shot in public places, the crowds were warm and welcoming. They were careful not to appear in the frame, and neither did they scream or boo at us. They patiently waited until a shot was canned before approaching us."

There was another reason Krishna cherished the experience of shooting for this film. "The legendary KR Vijaya ma'am is a part of the cast; watching her perform was an amazing learning experience. I observed how she studied not just her character, but also sought details about the other characters in the scene to react appropriately. She also enquired about the preceding and following scenes before giving the shot. She is a legend whose 40 years of experience seeped into every scene. After working alongside Sowcar Janaki ma'am in Vaanavarayan Vallavarayan, I'm thrilled to have now shared screen space with Vijaya ma'am."

In addition to KR Vijaya, the film's ensemble cast includes Manobala, Anandraj, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Kasthuri and Srinivasan. "All of them shared anecdotes from their careers. While I believe this bonding translated onto the screen, it also made me realise how things have changed over the years. In the age of vanity vans and mobile phones, bonding with co-stars has become rare."

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