Kabir Partap documents the legacy of Indian Classical maestros, Partap Brothers

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Partap Brothers

The Partap Brothers’ legacy of Puratan Gurmat Sangeet that spans four decades, needs to be celebrated and cherished. Davinder, Mohinder and Ravindar, the Partap Brothers have been nothing short of an institution when it comes to Indian Classical Music and Kabir Partap, son of Mohindar Partap has conceptualised a documentary. It will give the fans a glimpse into their world with never seen before behind the scenes footage, exclusive footage from their shows in Pakistan, London, Kenya and India and interviews with close associates. In a tete-a-tete Kabir tells us about the challenges in documenting the lives of the legends and more. Excerpts:  

Q. What inspired you to encapsulate the legacy of the Pratap Brothers in a documentary?

Davinder, Mohinder and Ravindar, the Partap Brothers have been nothing short of an institution when it comes to Indian Classical Music. Over the years the Partap brothers have been credited with the preservation and resurgence of Puratan Gurmat Sangeet. They have, over the years amassed legions of fans across the globe and created a legacy that needs to be celebrated and cherished.

Q. How challenging was it given the fact that it spans four decades?

It was this thought that prompted Kabir Partap, son of Mohindar Partap to conceptualise a documentary series chronicling the four-decade journey of his father and uncles. With the unfortunate demise of his father in February this year, Kabir realised the magnitude of their music and just how sensational and impactful it has been over the years. He knew then that their family and music had to documented and shown to the world. The documentary will cover themes relating to the Partap Brothers’ music, their tight-knit family bond and their journey from being immigrants to proudly carrying their art form and presenting it to the world with aplomb. Each episode of this music docu-series will take the viewers on a journey of their lives, exploring unwavering bonds of brotherhood in the face of international fame, cultural clash and life’s myriad challenges.

Q. Tell us more about the series and what it will offer to the viewers.

Over their four-decade journey, the Partap Brothers have travelled to the UK, North America, Australia, Thailand and Singapore and spread their art to the masses in these countries.  In the 70s and 80s they have spent years travelling across Europe and North America performing their inimitable music for their hordes of fans. Fans and classical music aficionados all over the world have been wowed by their music and they’d all agree to the certain aura that the Partap Brothers have. It can’t be communicated through words and can only be experienced. That flare and magic simply can’t be replicated.

Q. When and where will it release?

The documentary series is currently in its pre-production stage and Kabir Partap is leaving no stone unturned to make it a one of its kind series that blends the best elements of documentary filmmaking- raw footage, intense reality moments, unique stories and human truths. The film will be in English and will be translated into Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.