Sakath is not like Andhadhun: Director Suni on Ganesh-starrer

Director Suni talks about his upcoming comic courtroom drama, based on a reality show, the attraction in the character of Ganesh and more

author_img A Sharadhaa Published :  23rd November 2021 10:43 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd November 2021 10:43 PM

Director Suni is a serious filmmaker. But, he often enjoys entertaining the audience with light-hearted romcoms and is also known for experimenting with fresh content. The director's next Sakath is a comedy courtroom drama based on a reality show and it will hit the screens on November 26.

"Bahuparak was a serious subject and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it. But, the film did not entertain the audience much. Though I decided to do serious films in the future, I want to induce humour into it. Fun quotient is a mandate in my films. The character of a blind man was the first attraction for this courtroom drama Sakath," says the director.

"The film has necessary elements like fight, love, along with other emotions," explains the director adding, "Courts always seek for an eye-witness, while dealing a case. How a blind person becomes a witness is the conflict in the script, and placing him in a courtroom setup is very new. I believe it will be an edge of the seat thriller," he tells us.

Suni clarifies to all those, who think that Sakath is on the lines of the Hindi film, Andhadhun. "It was hurtful when people started judging my script with just a few promos. Undoubtedly, Andhadhun was an inspiration. However, I can confidently say that Sakath is in no any way close to that subject.," Suni says.

The story is based on real-life and it is different, says Suni, who adds that the idea of Ganesh’s character, Baalu was based on a newspaper article sent by his friend.  "It was about a youngster who identified himself as handicapped in a dance show. However, later the organisers got to know that he was normal, and the boy was caught. This gave me the spark for Sakath," the director says.

Suni and Ganesh have previously associated with Chamak, which did well at the box office, and Sakath will be the actor and director’s second combination. "Our first film, Chamak was a success, we hope to repeat it for the second time," he says.

Suni says that Sakath is an imaginary story, and all the characters coming in the film are fictitious. However, the director attended a few court sessions to get a hang of it.

"With the law being the underline subject, I didn’t want to go wrong and even consulted a few lawyers. Even the film is a courtroom drama, we have shot in cinematic terms. I also got to know that today, it is not necessary that the victim should make a promise on the Bhagavad Gita," says Suni.

The film has  Surbhi Puranik and Nishvika playing the female lead and comedians like Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, Ravi Shankar Gowda and Dharamanna. Sakath also has Malavika Avinash playing a judge and the director shares that she gave inputs for the courtroom scenes as she is a lawyer herself.

Director Suni thanks the production house for getting the right cast for his film. "Sakath is my first association with KVN Productions, and they were keen that the film has the right cast," he says.