Working with Ganesh has been on my bucket list: 'Sakath' actress Nishvika

Nishvika is happy to have worked with the Golden Star and the actor shares her experiences of working in director Suni's Sakath

author_img A Sharadhaa Published :  24th November 2021 05:13 PM   |   Published :   |  24th November 2021 05:13 PM
Nishvika Naidu

Nishvika Naidu

Nishvika, who is set to star in Ganesh-Suni's Sakath, has only good things to say about her upcoming film, which is set to be released on November 26. Ahead of the release, Nishvika talks about how her upcoming romantic comedy-drama has fulfilled all the expectations she had from the film.

"The film is helmed by director Suni, and gave me an opportunity to work with my dream co-star. It was an amazing character that was written well. I was so involved with the film right from the time Suni narrated the story to me. Knowing that it isn't easy to get such a good role in a commercial entertainer, I grabbed the opportunity immediately," explains Nishvika.

The actor plays Nakshatra -- a visually challenged teacher, who doubles up as a motivational speaker. "It was quite a difficult role," admits Nishvika, adding, "My reflexes acted even before I know it, and it was so hard for me to play the role of Nakshatra. I did take time to get the body language right, and even changed the way I speak. Everything about this character was different, and slowly I got used to it."

Nishvika says that Sakath stands out for various reasons, and she was super thrilled with the fact that she was working with the Golden Star, and tells us, "I like Ganesh as an actor, and as a person. Working with him has been on my bucket list, and I am happy that I could tick this wish with Sakath. It is always super fun to be around Ganesh. I like the way he smiles, which is from the heart."

Nishvika, who has watched the film, promises a laughter riot with this film. "Sakath has a good cast, and the audience can relate to one or the other character in the film. Sakath also gives us the workings of a reality show, and highlights a sensitive topic about visually challenged people and how they fall in love, and understand each other," she says.