Rashmi Rocket actress Miloni Jhonsa talks about how she bagged the role of Niharika Chopra

The dentist-turned-actress also shares her experience working with Taapsee Pannu and Akarsh Khurrana

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Miloni Jhonsa and Taapsee Pannu

Miloni Jhonsa and Taapsee Pannu

Miloni Jhonsa, who played the role of Niharika Chopra in the recently released Taapsee Pannu-starrer Rashmi Rocket, has been receiving appreciation for her debut performance. The dentist-turned-actor bagged the film by sheer luck when she was auditioning for another project. In an interview with Indulge she tells us more about how she got the role, her experience working in the movie, and plans ahead. Exceprts:

How did you bag Rashmi Rocket?
The casting for Rashmi Rocket had already been finalised in January 2020. But the film was on hold after its first schedule because of the lockdown. But when they started shooting again in November 2020, I got a chance to play the role of Niharika. I was auditioning for a film featuring Ajay Devgn. However, that audition didn’t work out and while I was on my way out, a casting assistant from the Rashmi Rocket team approached me to read some lines with Varun Sir (Badola), who plays my father and my recording was immediately sent to the director, Akarsh Khurana. He liked my audition and in two days I started shooting.

What kind of prep went into your role?
I had to run for three hours and had to take part in athletic drills every day because our endurance levels had to be very high and we trained wearing spikes, and not normal shoes. Training in spikes is quiet different from wearing regular shoes. But we had amazing trainers and physiotherapists on sets to help us with the tough schedule.

How was the to work with Akarsh Khurrana?
AK is a very straightforward person and is quite clear about what he wants. At the same time, he is the first person to compliment if the shot is good.

Taapsee Pannu is a powerhouse of talent, how was it to work with her as a co-actor?
Tapsee is one of the most hardworking persons I've ever come across in this industry. She was shooting for Looop Lapeta simultaneously which meant that she was working harder. She would be on dot at 5:30 am for the training. We were training together in Bandra and she would monitor her fitness, as well as mine. When you're new to the industry you are always in fear of making mistakes, but Taapsee comforted me throughout and was really friendly. She made sure that I felt at home and honestly that's the best part about being an actor. 

What has been your takeaway from the film?
My first takeaway from the movie would definitely be the athletic lifestyle because I personally feel like if you live like an athlete, life is beautiful. When it comes to fitness, that would be my main takeaway, getting fitter and better. I was somebody who was not into fitness at all and after doing this movie,  fitness has been of prime importance to me. I've started working out regularly. That has been my major takeaway. This movie has been a learning experience for me so there are a lot of takeaways. It's transformed me personally and I've learned so many things professionally. This was the first time I was ever exposed to a shooting set. My biggest takeaway would be that hard work and perseverance can take you anywhere. Just make sure you are out there and consistently working hard.