Arati Kadav
Arati Kadav

Director Arati Kadav receives best director award at Fantasia Film Festival

She received the award for Ali Fazal starrer sci-fi short The Astronaut and his Parrot

Mumbai based Arati Kadav takes a keen interest in sci-fi stories, and has been directing short films from the genre for some time now. After international mentions and recognitions at platforms like BAFTA, her latest venture The Astronaut and his Parrot has borne fruit by getting her the Best Director Award at the Fantasia Film Festival held in Montreal, Canada. The short film stars dapper actor Ali Fazal in the lead role.

The film sees Ali Fazal step into the shoes of a space explorer who drifts away in the void with a low supply of oxygen by accident. The astronaut tries to send messages to his daughter via signals which are instead received by a fortune-telling parrot.

“I think it is a significant moment in the Indian sci-fi scene and I am grateful to my wonderful team without whom the project wouldn’t have been successful,” shares Arati.

Arati quit a thriving career as a software developer in the US to take up film making in Mumbai. Some of her notable works include Time Machine in 2017, and feature film Cargo in 2019. The Astronaut and his Parrot will also be screened at the London Film Festival.