Thor is a huge part of my life: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth speaks to Adam Stone on his decade-long journey as Thor, reuniting with Natalie Portman, and his future plans with the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Natalie Portman and (right) Chris Hemsworth in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. (Photo | AP)
Natalie Portman and (right) Chris Hemsworth in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. (Photo | AP)

You have played Thor for more than 10 years now. What keeps bringing you back?

Simply the fact that they keep asking me. I don’t know why, but they do. Every time I think this is going to be my last, something amazing comes up to make them want me back. This was definitely one of 
them. I’m just so thankful to be involved.

Do you still get nervous ahead of a big Marvel film release or are you used to the hype now?

I don’t think you can ever get used to it. I definitely still get nervous because it’s something you have worked for so long and hard on. In this case, I think we really have made something special and different. It’s a riot and I really think the fans are going to love it. Their response so far has been phenomenal, which we are so grateful for.

A lot of the early excitement for this film has been about your nude scene. Has that surprised you?

I thought it might be a thing, but maybe not as much as it has become. Everyone is asking about it, which is a little embarrassing although I have to say I wasn’t actually completely naked. I had something to hide my modesty. But it’s a funny scene and at the time it seemed perfectly natural, given how I’ve been gradually more undressed in each of the four Thor movies. I don’t know where we can go from here, other than having him fully clothed, so hopefully, that’s it for the nude stuff.

What was your reaction when you were first pitched the idea of bringing Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster and having her become the Mighty Thor?

I just thought it was a genius idea. Taika Waititi (director)approached me about it at a time when I really wasn’t sure where we could go next, but he came up with an idea that totally blew me away. It just felt so right to bring Natalie back and have her become the Mighty Thor in such a unique and beautiful way.

How was it when you and Portman finally reunited?

It was really special actually. It felt like a proper reunion, which I think really helped both of us in the roles we had to play. To see Natalie return and to get to work with her and see her transformation into a true superhero, in all her glory, was really special.

What did you think of her costume compared to yours?

Loved it. She looks awesome.  I kind of knew what she was going to look like, but then seeing her on set as the Mighty Thor for the first time totally blew me away. She totally owned it. She looked like a superhero.

How much fun is it to share these movies with your children?

It’s the best. We got to have our boys with us for the premiere, which was really special. Anytime you get to share the amazing experience it is to be part of these movies with them and to see their excitement and enthusiasm is incredibly special. It reminds you what this is all about and how lucky we are to be on this incredible ride.

Is it right that one of your sons is in the movie?

Yeah, my son Tristan plays the young Thor in one scene, which is like a transition between us running. He did a great job and actually looks a lot better running than I do.

How is it to work with Taika as your director and in his role as Korg?

I guess it was a little weird at first because he literally does everything, but then he is such a brilliant director and so good at being on either side of the camera that you soon forget about all that. I loved working with Taika as our director on this and I love him as Korg. He’s my favourite character in the whole MCU. He’s hilarious.

What physical preparation did you have to go through to be Thor?

It’s become like a routine now. I’ve kind of got used to it. It’s a little like being an athlete. 
I have to constantly stay fit and then bulk up for Thor. Then I have to lose it all again for some other role. Getting the weight off is the hardest part. I’m not even sure which is my real body anymore.

Given that Portman is now the Mighty Thor and how most of the other original Avengers are out of action, will we see you back as Thor or are you going to hang up your cape too?

I don’t know. As I say, I always think it’s going to be my last time, but not because I don’t want to carry on. This character has been a huge part of my career and my life, and I’d love to do more. It all depends on whether the fans want to see more and if I’m asked. As long as it’s fun and different, I’ll be there.

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