Cover: Regina Cassandra rules OTT with Fingertip Season 2 and upcoming horror web-series, Anya’s Tutorial

Besides the web series, actress Regina Cassandra talks about her upcoming project with Nagesh Kukunoor, her love for true crime stories and why she doesn't get spooked easily
Regina Cassandra in a still from Anya's Tutorial
Regina Cassandra in a still from Anya's Tutorial

There are some people who carry their own sunshine wherever they go. Regina Cassandra is one of them. Brimming with refreshing positive energy, we caught up with the Chennai-based actress recently in the midst of her promotions for the upcoming bilingual horror web series, Anya’s Tutorial, even as her other Tamil series Fingertip: Season 2 begins streaming on Zee5 today. The actress, who had our attention with the Hindi series, Rocket Boys earlier this year, will be sharing screen space with Prasanna and Aparna Balamurali with director Shivakar at the helm. Regina, who will be working with actor Prasanna after 17 years (since they acted in Kanda Naal Mudhal, 2005) tells us how the series is all about the culmination of human emotions with today‘s modern digital medium. “The show (Fingertip) discusses how the ever-increasing digital technology affects human beings, how they shape their paths and how the overall impact on our lives is both good and not so good.”

Having starred in the Tamil horror Nenjam Marappathillai (2021) in the past, we curiously ask the actress about the Tamil-Telugu series, Anya’s Tutorials, that is coming up next on the OTT platform Aha and wonder if she is easily spooked. “I’ve had one paranormal experience that left me smiling and I’ve loved how over the years I’ve grown more comfortable with the dark. So, I don’t get spooked too easily…” shares Regina, rather mysteriously, setting the tone perfectly for the horror series. So, how did you sign up for this role? “ Sowmya Sharma (script writer), Pallavi (director) and Devika, they brought the story to my team. I loved the story and loved them. After that, what stands out is Madhu. She had layers I could add to as an actor,” says Regina, telling us how her character Madhu is a troubled human who is trying to grab onto strings of sanity not caring about the outcome of her actions. Regina shares screen space with actress Nivedhithaa Sathish where they are cast as siblings in this series. Another interesting fact that we learnt about Anya’s Tutorial is that it was conceived during the pandemic. “ Sowmya actually was inspired after being cooped up in the house during lockdown with her kids!” While we are intrigued about how that situation could have inspired a horror story, we ask Regina about her personal experiences during the lockdown. The actress unabashedly admits that the lockdown period was fun for her. “This might make me sound entitled, but I really enjoyed the lockdown — I had a blast. I caught up on all my favourite shows (like Euphoria) and my sleep! I really enjoy my breaks from work. So, I spent time with my cats. No, I am not just a cat person... I am an animal person! Though, I do have five cats (all are rescues)!”

Talking about future projects, the actress tells us excitedly about The Fall (India), by Nagesh Kukunoor. The project that also has Saqib Saleem in the cast is about a super cop and a serial killer where Regina plays the super cop. Another crime drama? “Yes, I do lean towards true crime dramas. I am deeply fascinated by true stories or scripts based on true incidents. I feel; today, even as an audience, everyone craves a touch of reality. I want to give them that as an actor. I want the film to be relatable and to arouse a natural curiosity in the audience. Like the film Parasite — it got me thinking about so many things. I want to be part of films that can alter your perception while being realistic at the same time,” explains the actress who is known for her bold role in Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2019).

We recently saw the lovely actress rocking a pantsuit by Advait, at Cannes. However, Regina says, “I’m not well versed with fashion and the fashion world but I do believe in style and the two are very different. I love observing people and their style.” We quiz her about her wardrobe essentials and find that that this seemingly glamorous actress has very simple sartorial interests. “Well, I like the basics and they are pretty essential so, yeah — shorts and XL tees are my faves to wear at home.” Beyond fitness Though, we must concede that her easy approach to fashion should have prepped us for her holistic take on self-care — we are again surprised when this pretty girl rede - fines self-care for us. “Self-care for me means mental health. I cannot follow routines. I am the kind who prioritises not waking up to an alarm. In fact, I don’t set goals for myself... Not because I cannot achieve them. But because I don’t want to disappoint myself if I don’t!” says Regina who adds that when it comes to fitness she is not the gym-going girl either and believes that staying fit is more about your life - style choices. “I am a very active person. So fitness happens incidentally. In fact, for my 30th birthday, I did the 30 for 30, The Wild Warrior Himalayan Adventure Challenge. It was fun and also I was supporting a cause. It included 16 kilometres of hiking and 14 kilometres of rafting!” says Regina who further adds that if there was one routine that she enjoyed and was a staple exercise — it had to be the kettlebell workout. “Gotta work them glutes!”

Fingertip: Season 2 begins streaming on Zee5 today. Anya’s Tutorial will stream on Aha from July 1.

Quizzed to the nines, with Regina Cassandra:

A director you want to work with — who is on your wish list. A director who believes in me.

A Hollywood script you will love to work in. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

What are the three things you will never travel without? Lip balm, face wash, and now sanitiser.

How healthy is your diet? Between average to good.

What is your favourite restaurant? In Chennai, it is Dahlia (I love Japanese cuisine).

When you travel, what is the one dish you miss the most? Dosa! Anyone who knows me knows that.

What is the secret to your great skin? I keep trying to keep it clean… and I try pretty well (laughs).

What are you reading right now? Nah, I am not much into reading books. The thing is I am constantly reading scripts and that’s my reading quota. And when I think of audiobooks — I tell myself, no— I should read the book myself and of course eventually end up not reading it!

What are your travel plans? Heading to Meghalaya to visit my goddaughter. Meanwhile, I have had my share of travel in the past couple of years. Dubai, Serbia, France, and (visited) Sri Lanka twice. I feel so sad about the state of the latter.

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