Actors Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon talk about their film Bhediya and more

Directed by Amar Kaushik, the film tells the story of Bhaskar, a man who transforms into a wolf after being bitten by a mythical creature inside a forest. 
Varun & Kriti was in Kolkata recently; picture by Pritam Sarkar
Varun & Kriti was in Kolkata recently; picture by Pritam Sarkar

Touted as the country's first creature comedy film, Bhediya, which releases tomorrow is trending as much for Varun Dhawan's credible transformation into a wolf as for Kriti Sanon's sizzling Durgeshwari moves. Directed by Amar Kaushik (who has made the sleeper hit Stree), the film tells the story of Bhaskar, a man who transforms into a wolf after being bitten by a mythical creature inside a forest. The film turns into an epic adventure ride as Bhaskar and his friends try to unravel the riddle. 

We had a chat with the lead actors Varun and Kriti who were in Kolkata recently.

How excited are you about Bhediya?

Varun Dhawan: I really feel Bhediya is one of my most accomplished films so far and I am really thankful to Amar for choosing me.

Kriti Sanon: I too genuinely feel it's one of my best films as well and I am very proud of it not just because it has great VFX but because of the message it delivers. It's a creature comedy and I feel it's a first because we have done a lot of creature films like Junoon and Nagin but a blend of comedy is what makes this unique.

A still from Bhediya
A still from Bhediya

Tell us about your roles?

Varun: It's about a person who when bitten by an animal develops paranoia, gets hyper and becomes sensitive to sounds. The film is based on one of the legends of Arunachal Pradesh called Yapom. I took inspiration from real life and folklore of Arunachal valley.

Kriti: I am playing a veterinary doctor who is the only person who can help Varun's character. She is always very confused and never gives correct answers and will not tell you what happened to you and is also very funny.

How did you prepare for the role?

Varun: I followed a low-carb high-protein diet regimen and was eating two whole chickens a day apart from a lot of corn, spinach, and sprouts. I did a lot of mountain running and animal flow movement because the whole film was shot in a forest area and I especially had to be very agile and fit, running and moving through these places.

Which was the most challenging scene for you?

There's one scene of transformation for which I gave around 32 takes. I developed a locked jaw syndrome due to screaming and I needed medical help to recover. There was a wall through which I had to break in and keep crashing through that. It was physically very exhausting.

Which animal would you like to be given a choice?

I want to be a wolf in real life because, like dogs, they too move in packs, and I love dogs.

How was it working with Varun after 7 years since Dilwale?

Kriti: In these seven years though we've not worked together, we have actually become really good friends. Our comfort level was a lot more this time and the hunger for good work remained the same. I had a lot more fun working with him this time around, especially because I know him well now.

What brings out the wolf in you?

Kriti: When I see unnecessary negativity around me and people making negative comments to pull someone down, that bothers me.

Varun: When people call me relentlessly. 

Kriti: But you are always talking on the phone...

Varun: Yeah, but those are the ones I want to talk with. I get irritated when I get calls from the ones I don't want to talk to. 

A poster from Bhediya
A poster from Bhediya

Whom are you hooting for this World Cup?

Varun: Argentina and Lionel Messi. I first came to Kolkata to watch an Argentina match and Messi.

What message does Bhediya deliver?

Varun: The film is inspired by the forest folklore of Arunachal Pradesh which has 83 percent forest cover and is known as the lungs of India and there's a message around conservation of the same.

Which film was more satisfying Badlapur, October or Bhediya?

Bhediya has so many nuances. I had to be real in this film that is heightened and feel every emotion while enacting scenes. I could do that only because I did films like October and Badlapur.

Your stressbusters?

My dogs are the biggest stressbusters. Also, I love to kill stress with holidays and staycations. I so need a beach vacation right now.

Varun: I need to sleep and film promotions don't help that cause.

Varun & Kriti are back with their chemistry in Bhediya after Dilwale in 2015
Varun & Kriti are back with their chemistry in Bhediya after Dilwale in 2015

With so many cases of cardiac arrests due to extreme fitness routines, how serious are you about fitness?

Varun: I don't believe in pushing oneself beyond a limit. Relax, exercise and have your meals on time.

Kriti: I believe in balance and your workout plans should be as per your body type. I am blessed with a good metabolism and so I don’t really restrict my diet much unless I have to go low on carbs for any film.

When I gained 15 kilos for Mini, my body was not used to it and if you ask me to do that again I might not do it because I understand it’s not healthy. If you do it once under the proper guidance of a nutritionist, it's different. But you can’t exploit your body beyond a point. You have to love your body for it to love you back.

Your upcoming projects?

Kriti: I have a few more releases including Shehzada directed by Varun's brother Rohit Dhawan followed by Ganpat with Tiger Shroff and Adipurush with Prabhas.

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