Location Diaries: Actress Anandhi on Nadhi - A balancing act

This weekly column details the fascinating encounters that often take place on the sets of a film and this week, it is from Nadhi

author_img Rinku Gupta Published :  05th April 2022 11:40 PM   |   Published :   |  05th April 2022 11:40 PM
Actress Anandhi on her upcoming film Nadhi

Actress Anandhi on her upcoming film Nadhi

The filming of Anandhi’s latest film Nadhi took the actor to Madurai. After the day’s shoot she would often visit restaurants to relish the local cuisine along with her co-stars.

“It was Christmas and New Year season, and the city was abuzz. From jigarthanda to idlis and delicious meat dishes, we enjoyed them all every evening,” says Anandhi. The love fans showered on her during her stay came as a pleasant surprise. “Even when I stepped out of my hotel at 5 am, fans would be waiting to speak to me. Moreover, hundreds of them along with their families would gather outside my vanity van every day during the shoot. When we moved to another place to shoot, they followed us there too. I realised how much they loved films. It was wonderful to see their immense outpour of affection.”

During the summer schedule in Madurai, she had to film a song on busy roads with costar Sam Jones. “It was burning hot and naturally, we were eager to complete our scenes as fast as possible. However, as we were shooting, people passing by in their vehicles would suddenly recognised us and stop to greet us. At times, people who would crowd the frame or stare at the camera unintendedly. All of these accidents resulted in several retakes.”

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Trekking up a hill with the unit for another scene gave her the opportunity to behold breathtaking views of the verdant hills. “We carried the props and equipment uphill after a brief jeep ride. There was no mobile network either. Exploring the remote scenic location between shots was a lovely experience.”

A rather risky experience came her way while shooting for a dance sequence. “When director Thamarai Selvan hesitantly told me I had to dance on top of a moving bus, I was highly excited. Although my mother was apprehensive when she heard about it, I was eager. Not many people know that I’m adventurous and love doing risky shots. I did a brief rehearsal of my steps before going for the take.”

As the bus started moving, she took her first steps equipped with safety gear. Anandhi immediately realised how tough maintaining balance was. “A camera was perched on another vehicle nearby and there was also a helicam capturing every move. As the bus moved up and down the hilly slopes, it took a lot of effort to dance while holding my balance. I took tiny steps and made small movements to avoid falling. However, when the bus braked or picked up speed, I would end up losing my balance and we had to do re-takes. Despite these unforeseen challenges, I enjoyed the experience and it remains one of the most memorable days of the shoot.”