Emily of your nightmares

Vincy Aloshious-starrer thriller series Emily has been trending on YouTube for its fresh approach and jumpscares

author_img Arya U R Published :  28th January 2022 02:41 PM   |   Published :   |  28th January 2022 02:41 PM

Vincy Aloshious-starrer thriller series Emily has been trending on YouTube for its fresh approach and jumpscares

KOCHI: YouTube has been a lifesaver for many during the messy quarantine-lockdown-isolation cycle. The recently released series Emily featuring actor Vincy Aloshious in the lead role perfectly matches the binge-watching criteria and has been trending among web-series lovers. Written and directed by Sabin Babu, the two-episode series showcases how the protagonist Emily played by Vincy, a psychopath, manages to survive adversities. Sabin’s maiden project with a non-linear approach was interestingly crafted by a bunch of teenagers.

Sabin, a Thiruvananthapuram native and Class 12 pass out, was inspired by the myriad thrills he has seen over the years. Bored during his holidays, he decided to pen down a thriller script. His elder brother, Sachin Babu, who works in a popular OTT platform, helped. “I am passionate about films. Thrillers and ominous stories are my favourites. I wrote the script out of a passion for storytelling and when Sachin heard the script, he suggested it will make a great web series. I just wanted to create something different from the usual kind of movies and shows we have in Malayalam,” says Sabin.

In Emily, the protagonist becomes a killer due to years of clinical depression, made worse by family and friends who points fingers at her. “Depression is not discussed a lot by mainstream society. Apart from social isolation, there are many other facets to depression. Here, Emily turns homicidal, one of the more dangerous outcomes,” says Sabin.

Through dialogues were limited even for main characters Vincy and Shyam Mohan, the duo made up for it with their flawless acting. Vincy’s transformation from a frightened woman who faces her killer to a psychopath who kills her own brother is a testimony to her versatility. “Being an 18-year-old boy with no experience in filmmaking, I was worried if Vincy would turn down Emily. When my friends and I approached her with the script, she agreed to do it. Her experience and acting calibre made Emily,” he says.

Sabin does agree that Emily may not be everyone’s cup of tea. “I wanted my audience to have discussions based on the film I make rather than clicking on the next window. I believe that movies come alive through debates they trigger,” he says.