Sanjeeta Bhattacharya
Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya juggles music and acting with equal finesse

We caught up with the Bong girl as she hops across the country, promoting her latest track Udd Chalein

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya is young, peppy and a powerhouse of talent with multi-faceted interests in music and acting. She doesn’t only believe in wearing her heart on her sleeves and pouring them out through words in her songs but dons the actor’s hat with equal finesse. The 25-year-old identifies as an artist, who wants to explore life and its meaning in every way possible and refuses to categorise herself as just an actor or a singer. Her latest- The Broken News is due for release today, where she will be seen sharing the screen with Sonali Bendre. Her next, Adbhut has paved the way for her to work with the legendary Nawazuddin Siddiqui. We caught up with the home girl in between her busy schedule as she is touring the country to promote her latest track Udd Chalein.

Tell us about your role in The Broken News?

I play Juhi Shergill, a junior reporter at a news channel called Awaaz Bharati, who works under the tutelage of Sonali Bendre’s character. Juhi is young and an absolute brat but passionate about her profession, which she is yet to discover towards the beginning of the series. She is quite young, even when compared to Shriya Pilagonkar’s character Radha. Juhi’s character matures through each of the episodes and she ends up as someone more responsible, driven and motivated who also looks up to her seniors at work.

Sanjeeta with <em>The Broken News </em>co-stars Sonali Bendre and Shriya Pilgaonkar
Sanjeeta with The Broken News co-stars Sonali Bendre and Shriya Pilgaonkar

What makes Juhi different from others?

Well, I believe in the power of an individual. I am Sanjeeta with layers of other identities apart from my professional fields of being a musician or an actor. For Juhi as well, I didn’t just think of her as a journalist but tried to focus on the layers of Juhi as an individual. Every character has a defined arch, and that is what helps me to bring out the shades of each of the characters.

Whose shoes will you be stepping in for your upcoming release Adbhut?

First, the film is as unique as its name sounds. It stands far away from being a romantic drama and touches base with the horror-thriller genre. The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Diana Penty and will see me stepping into the shoes of Rimal. Rimal happens to be a close ally of Diana’s character in the film, who ends up being a part of an event that changes their lives forever.

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya with Sonali Bendre
Sanjeeta Bhattacharya with Sonali Bendre

If you can take us through your music?

My job as a musician is also that of a storyteller. I have grown up believing music is a medium that reflects stories from contemporary times and it should make you aware of what is going on around you. This is exactly what I try to convey through my music as well, even though I do not conform to any particular genre of music. My music is a potpourri of various genres like RnB, Jazz, Indian Classical, and Folk. Even for my latest track Udd Chalein, I have tried to merge my musical influences from both the East and the West. It’s a funky score that uses both the Balafone and Sitar in its background.

What’s Next?

I am currently on an eight-city tour to promote Udd Chalein and I want to explore different genres through my music in the near future. As for my acting, Adbhut is next on the release list.

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