Actor- Filmmaker Sourav Chakraborty's hands are full with several new releases

The actor will be soon seen in Swet Kali and Fataash

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  03rd May 2022 03:28 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd May 2022 03:28 PM
sourav chakraborty

Sourav Chakraborty

Actor-filmmaker Sourav Chakraborty who is known for his work in Dhanbad Blues and Calm Sutra is doing a splendid job as one founder members of Bengali YoutTube channel Uribaba which promote independent web content exclusively in the Bengali language. We talk to Sourav about his many upcoming projects among other things. Excerpts:

Do you feel things are changing and improving in Tollywood after things are again back to normal?

Definitely, the pace of work has increased manifold and so has the number of mediums. When we started out there was only television and cinema, now, the sheer number of OTT platforms has increased globally with show much space for visual art practitioners. But the amount of independent work in different genres here in Bengal is far less than it should have been and that should increase manifold.

Tell us about Fataash in detail?

Fataash is a political drama film by my close friend Kaushik Kar and his biggest strength is that he thinks independently and is confident of his thoughts. In Fataash, I am playing with a person who has a toy weapon that everybody fears. It's a political drama, a dark comedy, and a satire. And what interested me in this film most is that I play a totally dark and negative role for the first time.

Tell us about Sharey Shaitrish a little?

I have been waiting for this project for more than 18 months now -- from its pre-production stage to arranging funds, to shooting and further waits for computer graphics work -- it was a huge test of patience. It is about a dystopian world where love doesn't exist and everyone, rich or poor, suffers from lovelessness. So, to create a world like that took a lot of time narrative-wise, production design-wise, costumes, and also location-wise.

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey of being a filmmaker?

I always loved making films and those who know me since my theatre days, know how invested I am in my vision. But the life of a filmmaker is very unstable and uncertain and very strange and morbid at times but that's the addiction too.

How difficult or different is the struggle when you are not working under any leading banner?

It's really very difficult because there are no resources or banner which gives you strength and support. To keep working independently and sustain is a challenge but if one can manage that then the organic thought process survives and thrives without any influence of market forces and establishes a deep connection with the audience.

What's one thing that you have learnt in all these years of working?

That you need patience beyond everything, that's the real key to success.

Any actor or actress you want to explore in your films or series?

I know many actors who are practising art on the fringes of Bengal in theatre or on their own organic platforms and are very talented and organic despite the lack of social media presence. I want to showcase their talent.