Nishvika Naida will be seen in a bold and glamorous avatar for the first time in Dil Pasand 

The actor explains that it was a very different expirience working on the film 

author_img A Sharadhaa Published :  10th November 2022 04:26 PM   |   Published :   |  10th November 2022 04:26 PM
Nishvika Naidu

Nishvika Naidu


Actor Nishvika calls her character Aishwarya in Dil Pasand, "fiery, glamorous, and sassy". The young actor, who will be sharing screen space with Krishna in Shiva Tejas's directorial, says, "This character in Dil Pasand is very bold and in complete contrast to my actual personality." Nishvika says that she enjoyed playing this role which was completely different from Suji, her role as the girl-next-door in Sharan's Guru Shishyaru. “All my films to date have featured me in a homely look and this is the first time I will be seen in a glamourous role, I'm curious to know the reaction. Moreover, I like to be part of love stories because such scripts offer more screen space, scope to perform, and a lot of attention towards the character."


Nishvika believes that characters seen on screen are always an inspiration of a personality that has been observed, and people like Aishwarya exist in our society. "There is a reason for Aishwarya behaving in the manner she does and that's because she doesn't want to show her weakness. She covers her emotions by behaving sassy and arrogantly. Isn't that how most of us are? Our weakness is covered with an attitude, and they are seen in different perspectives by others, says Nishvika.

Nishvika Naidu


Nishvika, speaking about her method of getting into the skin of her character, says that she does it by understanding her role which comes from discussions with the director and not from taking references. Even then, the actor feels it was a draining character to play in Dil Pasand. “I was keen that the character I portray in this film doesn’t hurt the emotions or offend anyone. Because of playing such a role, working on this film was a whole new experience for me. Luckily, the team was considerate. The role was clearly explained to me and they were open to changes which I recommended and that made me feel comfortable, signs off Nishvika who is waiting for the release of Dil Pasand on November 11.