Jeet's upcoming film Boomerang has tech gimmicks

Boomerang sets new industry standards with cinebot and futuristic bike.
Jeet & Rukmini
Jeet & Rukmini

Bengal's film industry is on the cusp of a cinematic revolution, and the upcoming film of Jeetz Filmworks Private Limited, Boomerang starring Jeet and Rukmini Maitra has cemented its place as one of the most significant initiatives in the history of Bengali cinema. The film is directed by the visionary film maker Sauvik Kundu, who has set new industry standards with the groundbreaking use of Cinebot technology and a futuristic bike, making the audience wait for a mesmerizing cinematic experience like never before.

This is for the very first time that Jeet has incorporated the idea of using the Cinebot technology along with stunning special effects. With the Cinebot's fluid movements, the audience is transported into the heart of the action, feeling every pulse-pounding moment as if they were right there alongside the characters. Even while shooting, the characters have to be in sync as it’s a high-powered technology with the elements of speed.

Not only that but also Jeetz Filmworks has added another layer of excitement in the film that is a futuristic bike. Designed by the brilliant minds, the cutting-edge two-wheeler showcases never-before-seen technology and sleek aesthetics that fit perfectly into the film's narrative. With its mind-bending capabilities, not only the bike becomes more than just a mode of transport but also it becomes an integral part of the storyline.

Cinebot technology
Cinebot technology

Talking about this introduction of these new technologies for the first time in the Bengali Film Industry Jeet says, “In the first moving world, it's always a pleasure to bring in something  new for the audience and I am glad that we could do this. By showing a unique futuristic superbike which is completely custom made, entirely designed for this film and also a Cinebot camera which is used for the first time in the Bengali Film industry for some special cinematic experience which we thoroughly enjoyed while filming. I am sure this different cinematic experience will be a treat to the viewers.

Rukmini adds, “This is the first time ever the audiences are going to see a superbike on Bengali celluloid. It's the coolest thing i have seen in a long time on a movie set. Also the fact that it's a lot more than what meets the eye, which the audience will witness once Boomerang releases.”

Commenting on the use of Cinebot Sauvik Kundu stated, "CineBots are already used in films since a long period of time but it was never used in a Bengali film before. This is the very first time we are using this. Due to some technical upgrades which are increasing gradually, it's difficult to shoot in  other film equipment. As the film is a Sci-Fi genre, there were a lot of difficult mise en scene including a lot of characters, movements and choreography and that’s where Cinebot came handy. We can calculate and programme the direction of the camera by assigning the focal length as well. There were a lot of challenges as we used  it for the very first time but till now this modern equipment has made our life easier. And also for the very first time we have designed a futuristic bike which you have never seen before and I believe that it will particularly keep the audiences hooked."

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