My distinct and unique hairstyle will surely tickle your funny bone: Dream Girl 2 actor Raj Qushal

 Dream Girl 2 actor Raj Qushal opens up about his role and experience working in the film
My distinct and unique hairstyle will surely tickle your funny bone: Raj Qushal
My distinct and unique hairstyle will surely tickle your funny bone: Raj Qushal

Actor Raj Qushal, who impressed audiences in his debut web film Jaadugar on Netflix as Lalli, is now again garnering accolades for his big screen debut film, Dream Girl 2, for essaying the character of Ali. Helmed by Raaj Shaandilyaa, the romantic comedy stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Pandey in titular roles.

The debutante actor gets candid about his experience and character in the film.

Raj shares, “I have been cast as the nephew of Paresh Rawal, whose character is deeply rooted in ethics and culture. However, Ali engages in activities that go against these values behind his back. The filming had already concluded before I joined the cast, and the movie was scheduled for release on July 7. However, due to significant changes, I received a call from Casting Bay for this role. Following an audition and a meeting with the director, everything fell into place. It is worth noting that the character has a distinct and unique hairstyle that will surely tickle your funny bone. Even director Raaj Sir laughed hard seeing my final look after hair colour.”

<em>Raj Qushal</em>
Raj Qushal

Sharing about the brief he received from the director, he says, “Raaj Sir possesses exceptional clarity in his vision and has a profound understanding of what he expects from his actors. His thorough briefings ensured that there were no obstacles or complexities in portraying the character. His ingenuity in the creative process is truly remarkable. I diligently adhered to his vision and found immense satisfaction in collaborating with him during the project.”

Describing his experience working in the film he says, “The experience of being surrounded by such esteemed individuals and talented actors was both enjoyable and highly educational. Let me tell you, I had the privilege of encountering Ayushmann bhai, the very first celebrity I had ever laid eyes on in person, for which I got beaten up. This encounter left a lasting impression on me, albeit in a comical way (laughs). It was around 13 years ago at Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium, where Ayushmann was hosting. I approached him for an autograph, and he gave me. Later on, while playing cricket with my friends, I proudly displayed that autograph. But this unexpected interruption caused the cricket match to come to a halt. Hence, a friend of mine angrily tore up the autograph and I got into a fight with him and I got beaten up a lot.”

Speaking about the kind of responses he's receiving, he tells us, “So far the responses have been amazing and people are really enjoying the film. I’ve been getting appreciation for my look and acting.”

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