Saket Saurabh delves into another genre with Broken Soul

The show stars Sacred Games-fame actor Saurabh Sachdeva, Aditya Kumar from Gangs of Wasseypur, and Dahaad actor Zoa Morani.
Saket Saurabh
Saket Saurabh

Cinematographer Saket Saurabh's diverse work repertoire includes the national award-winning film The Lost Behrupiya, Aadha Chand Tum Rakh Lo, screened at the prestigious Cannes film festival, Naya Pata, and many more. Recently, he spilled the beans about his upcoming mystery thriller series Broken Soul and his creative vision and approach to cinematography. The show stars Sacred Games-fame actor Saurabh Sachdeva, Aditya Kumar from Gangs of Wasseypur, and Dahaad actor Zoa Morani.

Saket started off his journey from Downsouth and landed in Mumbai in 2013 where he started as an assistant cinematographer for commercially successful films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, romantic comedy Ki and Ka, thought-provoking drama Shamitabh, and Ok Kanmani, just to name a few. Talking about his upcoming series, Saket says, "Broken Souls is a mystery thriller set in a present-day suburban town. A veteran officer from the homicide department gets to solve a murder case that apparently looks like an accident. While in the process of investigation, he gets caught between the abstract and reality. He has to come out of it, finally finding the truth."

Delving into the details, he further mentions, "The series deals with the complex investigation process where Pritish Sen, the officer from the homicide department has to come out of his ongoing divorce case while seeking the truth behind the murders that seem accidental or suicidal. Onto that, the rigid dichotomy between science and mysticism completely engulfs Pritish before he can solve the mystery. And through the intricate nexus of characters comes the real picture of modern-day relationships, which truly justifies the title Broken Souls.

He also shares the challenges of shifting from one genre to another as a cinematographer where he said, "Shifting from one genre to another can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to the techniques of filming like lighting, camera movement, lensing, production designing, colour scheme, lighting contrast ratio, mood setting, shot taking, camera angle and many more aspects. Each genre has its own unique conventions and visual language, and transitioning between them requires a thorough understanding of those conventions and the ability to adapt to new ones. For example, if I am shifting from a genre like romantic comedy to a genre like horror, the transition might be more challenging."

"Horror films often rely on atmospheric lighting, suspenseful pacing, and the creative use of sound to evoke fear and tension, whereas romantic comedies focus more on capturing the chemistry between characters and creating a lighthearted atmosphere. The techniques and approaches used in these genres can be vastly different. I believe some may find genres like action or science fiction challenging due to the intricate choreography, special effects, and technical demands involved and others may find genres like period dramas or historical epics challenging due to the need for attention to detail, set design, and costume accuracy. Ultimately for me, the challenge of shifting genres and shooting different types of films depends on the ability to adapt to new techniques and their understanding of the audience's expectations within that particular genre," he adds.

At present, Broken Soul is in its post-production stage.

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