Pooja Chopra on her film Jeevan Beema Yojna

This comic caper also co-stars Arshad Warsi and Vijay Raaz
Pooja Chopra
Pooja Chopra

Former Miss India Pooja Chopra, who was last seen in the film Jahaan Chaar Yaar (2022) has just wrapped up filming for another comic caper Jeevan Beema Yojna, co-starring Arshad Warsi and Vijay Raaz. We speak to the actress, who is also closely associated with girl child development and women empowerment drives, about her upcoming film, fashion and more.  

Tell us about your role in The Jeevan Beema Yojna?

This movie’s director Abhishek Dogra, who saw my work in Ouch, discussed a couple of projects before this too and when he shared the narration of this film and my part in it, I felt it was very funky and different and something I would like to do in the comedy zone. I am playing Yashika from Pune and Arshad Warsi and Sanjeeda are my tenants. I play a very hot character and the film is situational and unpredictable with twists in the plot every 10 minutes. I get involved in a fiasco happening around Arshad and Vijay first by chance and then by choice.

How was it working with Arshad and Vijay?

It’s a laughter riot. Arshad has perfect comic timing and he is funny and energetic and we would always be in splits while Vijay has a stoic sense of humour and he says the funniest one-liners with a straight face.

<em>Pooja Chopra</em>
Pooja Chopra

What kind of roles you would love to explore?

I would love to explore stories which have plot twists, especially thrillers where I have a layered role.

You have always been associated with women-related social causes.

I have been associated very closely with causes like girl child education, female foeticide and women empowerment since I was abandoned just because I am a girl. So, I want to be part of movements that educate people in my country that a girl is no less than a boy and can be equally successful as a boy, so that wife has to leave the house just because she delivered a baby girl.

How has the acting journey been so far?

I have experienced both ups and downs, since as an outsider, there was no guiding light or Godfather. So. At times decisions were taken out of utter ignorance too. I learnt that it takes time to be noticed and it’s not enough if you prove yourself once, so, you have to be patient and never give up.

<em>Pooja Chopra</em>
Pooja Chopra

Your fashion choices?

My style statement is classy and feminine and I love the colour white. Summers mean nice white dresses for me with minimal and classy accessories complementing the outfits, At home, it’s always loose shirts or oversized t-shirts and outings with girlfriends see me in pretty feminine dresses or at times jeans. I am not a very big follower of fashion trends but I love to wear clothes that I am confident in.

Your fitness regimen?

I exercise six days a week when I am not working and my fitness routine is pretty diverse comprising spinning, tennis, badminton, functional training, weight training, cardio and outdoor running.

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