Director Gitanjalli Aran's upcoming film Karmaa Meets Kismet is a tale of karma and destiny

Gitanjalli's newest directorial venture starring Sanjay Mishra and Farida Jalal is a soul searching voyage, a journey of self-discovery.
A still from the shoot
A still from the shoot

Writer-director Gitanjalli Aran's upcoming film starring Sanjay Mishra, Farida Jalal, Alka Amin and others, Karmaa Meets Kismet is touted to be a tale of love, karma and destiny. The film is currently under post-production and will be soon slated to release.

Known for her film Yeh Khula Aasmaan, Gitanjalli mentions, "The thought-provoking Karmaa Meets Kismet is a captivating musical tale of love that explores the interconnected themes of karma and destiny. Through its romantic storyline a complexed subject has been beautifully and delicately treated. It talks about the immense power that lies in our conscious actions. If you have ever left your path believing that’s its not in your destiny then Karmaa meets Kismet is meant for you."

Sharing about how the whole idea came up she informs, "When I saw people giving up on their dreams believing that it is not in their stars, it deeply impacted me. Their suffering raised in me this deep desire of writing a subject that would bring a fresh perspective giving them the strength to move on on their chosen path and live the life of their dreams. Through my story I aim to explore these profound themes and offer a glimpse into the transformative power of love and compassion. Karmaa meets Kismet is a soul searching voyage, a journey of self-discovery."

Describing her working experience with Sanjay Mishra, Farida Jalal and others she says, "I feel immensely nourished working with them. Be it the passion of Sanjay ji or the detailing of Alka Amin ji every moment spent with them made me evolved not only as a film maker but also as a human. I grew up watching Farida Jalal ji as a child and when I got the opportunity to work with her I witnessed what truly being humble means. Her humility touched me beyond words. I learnt a lot about acting which helped me become a better director."

Actor Sanjay Mishra adds, "When the role was offered to me, it really intrigued me. I was moved by the story and I'm sure it will motivate and strike a chord in audiences heart. Seeing the director's belief in this story prompted me to take up this role. It has been an exciting journey shooting for this film. Hope everyone will love it."

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