Amit Sadh on Sukhee and more

An “everyone’s actor”, as Amit likes to describe himself, he was recently all over the news for his month-long motorcycle trip around the country crisscrossing a total of 5,288 km from Mumbai to Leh.
Amit Sadh
Amit Sadh

The handsome actor Amit Sadh, who is seen in Sukhee along with Shilpa Shetty, Kusha Kapila and others, is happily playing “characters”, and doesn’t believe in playing a character that is “over-the-top”. An “everyone’s actor”, as Amit likes to describe himself, he was recently all over the news for his month-long motorcycle trip around the country crisscrossing a total of 5,288 km from Mumbai to Leh. Sharing his feelings about the same, he says, “It was a crazy trip. I am still on the bike, mentally. I got a little tired and had a few releases in the pipeline, so I cut short the trip by four-five days.” We spoke to the versatile actor about Sukhee, his approach to work, biking expedition and more.

What’s your role in Sukhee?

It’s a cameo appearance, and this was the first time I did a role without even reading the script (laughs). This is almost like a tribute to my master, producer Vikram Malhotra, who plays a huge role in my life. He just called me one day and said that there’s a role that I have to play. I asked him to tell me about the role but he said, ‘You just have to be your charming self ’. The character I play is a guy who used to like Shilpa’s character, Sukhee, when they were young. They meet again after years, and we have a few scenes together. It’s like a long-lost childhood love situation.

Sukhee is based on modern Indian women. How relatable do you think the film would be?

India is a very diverse country, and what is modern for one may be backward for another. So, I am not sure about that. All I know is that we made a happy film, with moments of love, and sadness. It’s like the flight of the lives of a group of women who are friends and this film is such that whoever watches it could find themselves in similar situations that they have gone through. It is all-in-all an entertaining film.

While everybody talks about hustle at workplaces, the hustle at home is also very real. What’s your take on it?

I don’t believe in hustle. I don’t hustle at home or work. I believe in free-flow and I think all of us should be like water. We should also be calm and chill and never stress out with anything related to work or household chores. Have you ever seen me complain, regret, or victimise myself ? Never. I just don’t believe in the concept.

Duranga 2 is releasing soon. What can people expect this time?

An avalanche called Amit Sadh! (laughs). I have tried to do something out-of-the-box to shock my audiences and myself ! It’s something I have never done. It’s a psychological thriller, but it has different types of actions, and you will get to see me in a new avataar. My whole intention is to keep entertaining people, and I have tried doing something new.

Amit Sadh
Amit Sadh

What’s your process of choosing a script?

When I get a script, if something inside me tells me to go and do it, then I take it up. I’ve played versatile roles starting from Kai Po Che. I played a rogue in Guddu Rangeela; a guy in suits in Sultan; a policeman, and army officer in different projects — I am satisfied and really happy.

What were the challenges faced during your bike expedition? And what’s your takeaway?

There were a few challenges. While on the road between Mumbai to Chandigarh, I got stuck in traffic jams, it was getting very hot in the biking suits, and I used to question myself as to why I was doing this. But the moment I met these amazing faces on my way, big smiles, and heartfelt conversations, I realised that whatever I was doing was the right thing. And, of course, then the views… Spiti Valley, Kinnaur Valley, I saw the Milky Way at Tso Moriri. This country is so beautiful, the biodiversity of this country is so special, and the diversity in traditions and the people are magnificent. And, I am just in love with everything and everyone.

Any tips for solo bikers who go on similar expeditions?

I wouldn’t suggest anyone go on a solo biking trip. Especially if you are going to valleys like Kaza where you won’t get anyone for hundreds of kilometres. So, it is good to have a backup or a couple of riders together. Do carry walkie-talkies since there are no network for 400-500 kms. It’s always good to prepare beforehand and do some obstacle training.

Planning to go on some quick expeditions any time soon?

Maybe next year I will go to Manang Valley, Nepal. It has one of the toughest roads in the world.

Upcoming works?

I have Duranga 2, which will release soon. I also have a few in the pipeline that I have already shot for, like Pune Highway. I hope they will release in the coming months.

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