Actor Vishal Mohan debuts as an antagonist in Sunil Reddy's untitled film

The actor shares his views about playing the character and the challenges faced by him while shooting for the film.
Vishal Mohan
Vishal Mohan

Actor Vishal Mohan is all prepped to get into the role of a cop for his acting debut in Sunil Reddy's upcoming venture, starring Arbaaz Khan, Raju Kher, and Bobby Bedii. The actor shares his views about playing the character and the challenges faced by him while shooting for the film.

Commenting on the role he is portraying in the film, Vishal says, "I'm playing a cop named Abdul who can go to any extent for promotion and power and is an opportunist. My primary job in this film is to catch the character played by Arbaaz Khan. He plays an ex soldier who was deceived by politicians and was sentenced to imprison for 20 years in Pakistan. My father in the film who is an honest journalist doesn't share a good relationship with my character. In order to get promoted and be in a powerful position my character is behind this ex soldier as ordered by CM, even betrays his own father and kills many people."

Throwing some light on how he played the character to bring out the best of it, the actor further adds, "I kept the character very grounded without going over the top to make it look natural and relatable. The character has different equations with each and every person in the film, which is shown very naturally and doesn't look much caricaturish."

The shooting days were indeed testing and strenuous. Vishal shares how challenging it was to shoot in extreme cold climatic conditions, for the film. He said, "It was very challenging to sustain in less than minus 10 degrees as we were shooting beyond Rohtang Pass. As it was a lot above the ground level, it was quite difficult due to a lack of oxygen and too much snow. My whole concentration was to give my best during the scenes amid all this. My hands used to swell in such extreme cold as I had to hold guns. "

Remarking on his bond with his co-actor Arbaaz Khan he says, "He is very supportive, grounded and friendly. He gives a very comfortable space to new actors." Vishal also mentions how his team members, supported and guided him throughout the shooting days.He states, "Actor Raju Kher who is playing my father is very cooperative. Also, Bobby Bedii is a fabulous actor, and we share a great rapport. Working with each of them was a learning and a surreal experience, to be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our director is very precise and is a maverick director. He is man of a vision and and clear of what he wants. He's very simple and gives you a lot of creative freedom." Seems that it took a lot of hardwork for the team in the making of this film and thus we can hope it will definitely bear the fruit.

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