Parno Mittrah speaks to Indulge about her latest Tarokar Mrityu 

The actor who plays a significant lead opens up about the role and more 

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Parno Mittrah

Parno Mittrah

A vacationing couple in Kalimpong comes across paranormal sightings and gets involved in a murder mystery. The gist of Parno Mittrah’s latest Tarokar Mrityu is enough to give the audience goosebumps. Directed by Haranath Chakraborty, the movie stars Parno, Ritwick Chakraborty, and Ranjit Mallick in lead roles. As it hits the theatres today, Indulge caught up with Parno for a tete-e-tete on the movie, the paranormal and preps before the festivities. 

What excited you to take up the movie?

Hara Da [Haranath Chakraborty ] was making great commercial films in Bengal when I was growing up and we all wanted to be a part of it. Being such a senior director when he came to me, I certainly wanted to play the part. Also, Ranjit sir has a pivotal role in the film. It was a golden opportunity to work with both of them. 

Tell us about your character?

The character is timid, and naïve with mental health issues. She’s on prescribed medication and goes to therapy. Her not-so-understanding husband [Ritwick Chakraborty] is toxic, gaslights, and manipulates her. She tries very hard but it’s not a happy marriage.

Your experience of working with Ranjit Mallick and Ritwick Chakraborty?

I didn’t have a lot of scenes with Ranjit Sir. But the idea of being next to someone whose work I have admired was a dream come true situation. Ranjit Sir is so patient, punctual, kind, and nice to everyone around him. When we start growing we kind of forget where we come from. It’s important to remain grounded in life no matter how far you go because you can be very successful but tomorrow’s uncertain. Ritwick is like a buddy. Now my best friend is his wife, we love gossiping.

What attracts you to playing layered characters?

The more complex, the better it is because it’s fun to play these characters. The best part for us is we get to be other people. We observe things. I’m just not sitting at home or traveling, I am also observing and learning from life which I can apply to my characters in some way or the other. I may have noticed something in Europe three years ago; today I might try and incorporate that in a character. This excitement during the making of a character is our high.

Do you think the paranormal-thriller as a genre is under-explored?

Yes. Maybe it’s a little difficult to make or write or difficult to scare the audience. Even in Indian cinema, we don’t have a lot many. The Ramsay Brothers made some. Ram Gopal Verma made some great films but nobody tried to explore the genre after him.

You stayed at the Morgan House during the shoot. How was the experience?

It’s a beautiful property, isolated, nice, clean air, and open space. We had a few power cuts and everybody started saying this room is cursed and all. I loved it as I’m very intrigued by these stories. I felt nothing and enjoyed my stay. Thank God people think it’s haunted that’s why it’s not overcrowded. It’s just nice and peaceful.

A genre you want to explore

Action! I want to do action movies. I like movies like The Panic Room. In the last 10-12 years I have explored quite a few genres but I think I need a little more challenge now, that would be fun as an actor.

How do you keep yourself fit?

I have just recently started becoming cautious about my health and taking care of my bones and muscles. I go to the gym regularly and enjoy it. It’s a newfound passion otherwise I never liked working out. I love food.

What do you like to eat?

 Everything! If I want to eat pizza, I’ll eat pizza. Tomorrow if I want seafood, ill order it; or dosas or litti chokha, it depends on my mood. I can’t deny it. That’s why I eat and workout like crazy.

Any skin prepping tips?

I use a Korean Rice Toner. I’ll make a video soon on Instagram about it. Every morning and at night I use Vitamic C and Niacinamide. I use a moisturiser. I do everything now.

What puja fashion trends are you following this year?

I love my saris and buy a lot of them. Whenever I get an opportunity to wear a sari, I take them out and wear them.

Upcoming projects…

Pakdondi is releasing on October 6, there's an independent Hindi film by Chandan Roy Sanyal, Bonobibi, and I am currently shooting for Anko Ki Kothin.

Tarokar Mrityu is releasing in theatres near you today.