Why you must watch out for Abir Chatterjee in 'Bohurupi'

Bohurupi is Nandita Roy-Shiboprosad Mukherjee's Durga Puja 2024 release.
Abir Chatterjee during his shoot
Abir Chatterjee during his shoot

Embarking on a thrilling journey through the dense forest, Abir Chatterjee commands his motorcycle with the ferocity of a tempest. His daring manoeuvres are not merely a singular spectacle but a series of heart-pounding escapades, where the ever-present danger of skidding lurks with each twist of the wheel.

Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee's cinematic ventures consistently unveil fresh narratives and novel elements. Whether in thematic depth, stellar casting, or narrative innovation, their latest offering for this year's Durga Puja season, Bohurupi, stands as the third instalment in their distinguished repertoire.

The film marks a ground-breaking milestone as the inaugural 'action-chase drama' in the Bengali cinema. Fearlessly confronting peril, Abir Chatterjee delves deep into the heart of the action, a commitment vividly captured in the initial glimpses shared by Nandita and Shiboprosad.

Nandita Roy shared her experience saying, "March's scorching heat were blazing at 42-43 degrees in Bolpur. Despite these challenging conditions, the relentless pursuit of excellence propelled the cast and crew from dawn till dusk.

Eight days into the shoot, disaster struck on the ninth. Nestled within the jungles of Aduriya, a 5 am call time beckoned the team to their makeshift base camp. Arriving by car, they are greeted by an unexpected chill in the air. What unfolds next is unforeseen."

Thick clouds blanketed the sky as a brisk wind swept through the landscape, catching everyone off guard. Clad in attire suited for the heat, a sense of unease permeated the gathering.

Abir Chatterjee during his shoot
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On this fateful day, 400 schoolchildren were enlisted for pivotal action sequences, accompanied by their guardians, amassing a crowd of nearly 800 individuals. Yet, as the heavens opened up, a torrential downpour ensued, prompting a frantic search for shelter among buses and makeshift encampments.

Amidst this deluge, the team faced a crucial decision. Undeterred by the elements, they opted to adapt the scene, aligning it with the original script's vision.

Thus, amidst rain-soaked roads and treacherous terrain, Abir embarked on a breath-taking pursuit, navigating the jungle's twists and turns with unwavering resolve. With each daring feat, he exemplified courage in its purest form, earning accolades from director Shiboprosad, who hails the film as a pioneering venture in Bengali action cinema.

Abir Chatterjee during his shoot
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