Actor Angana Roy on how Pariah 2 will be a milestone film for her

The motion poster of the film has just dropped.
Angana Roy
Angana Roy

In a world where cruelty against animals is being reported across the country, Pariah: Volume 1, a film by Tathagata Mukherjee, starring Vikram Chatterjee, Angana Roy and others, created a major stir among audiences and animal lovers alike.

The film saw Vikram Chatterjee as Lubdhak punishing those who tortured the poor strays or Indian pariahs, lending to the name of the film. But why did Lubdhak do that? “That you will know in Pariah: Volume 2, The Rise of Kalbhairav that we have just announced,” says actress Angana Roy.

According to sources, unlike the last volume of Pariah, which spoke on cruelty against dogs, this volume will talk about other animals, trees and the whole ecological balance that is getting disturbed by humans.

The film will also talk about two timelines, one, it will take up from where it had ended, as well as it will go back in time to show the audience who was Lubdhak and what made him so violent. This time it will be more of a cause than violence and more of an action-drama. 

Pariah: Volume 2
Pariah: Volume 2

“I am very excited for the second volume, especially for my transformative look, which I am working on. There’s going to be a lot of surprises for the audience and challenges for me. Pariah: Volume 1 ends on a note where my character’s hand is cut and will start from where I will call Lubdhak to inform them that the dogs in the neighbourhood complex are being murdered. This time the movie moves to the North East. The second volume has a lot of things to offer, and I am really excited about how my character is going to unfold. In terms of me as an actor and how people have perceived me till now, there will be a full-grown transformation from my end, so audiences have to watch out for me,” adds Roy.

The film is to hit the shooting floors by the end of the year.

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