Debutant director Subrata Ghosh's film Tahader Katha is ready for release

Starring Rajnandini Paul, Anindya Sengupta and Rishav Basu, the film tells the story of struggling authors.
Rajnandini & Anindya (L); Trisha & Rishav
Rajnandini & Anindya (L); Trisha & Rishav

Debutant director Subrata Ghosh's Tahader Katha is ready for release, a film dedicated to all the writers -- known or unknown, popular or not-so-popular. As the name suggests, Tahader Katha means about them.

In a highly creative and competitive world of writing, there can be many authors, who remain in the dark for almost all their lives, with fame eluding them forever.

“In this era of social media, where the attention span has reduced further, the director finds it a very relevant tale to be told. Nowadays it’s being witnessed that reading habits are almost missing, people buy books just for display. Sadly, due to this there are so many writers, who face difficulty to make both ends meet. The characters in the movie have tremendous depth and each one will attract us with their part of the story,” says Subrata.

The film is shot in and across Kolkata.

Tahader Katha is a mixture of realism and surrealism where we get to see all the character from various novels of the writer. Subrata promises to take us to various eras through the characters.

Tahader Katha comprises an ensemble cast including Rishav Basu, Anindya Sengupta, Krishnendu Dewanji, Trisha Das, Rajnandini Paul, Deepak Halder and Amit Saha.

Rishav plays Rafiqul, a Naxalite and Trisha plays a cabaret dancer. They are a much-in-love couple who are struggling in their own pursuits, while dreaming to be like Romeo-Juliet.

Rajnandini plays Susmita, a struggling actor, who dreams of playing a character for which people will remember her forever, while Anindya plays Anaal, a corporate guy, who is in love with Susmita.

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