From kissing under the Eiffel Tower to eating grapes at midnight, here's how the world celebrates New Year's Eve

We look at some fun NYE traditions around the globe
New year in Paris
New year in Paris

We may be having a low-key New Year's Eve this year, but let's have a look at all the fun NYE traditions the world over. Here is how various cities around the globe welcome the new year.

Paris, France
If you are a fan of Parisian romance and sharing a New Year’s kiss under the Eiffel Tower is on your bucket list, then there’s no better time to go there than New Year’s. From gorgeous fireworks at the Eiffel Tower to witnessing the best cabaret show at Moulin Rouge, the city Paris has it all. Pop a bottle of champagne and slow dance to the piano beats and welcome the new year in style.
Venice, Italy
Bid a peaceful goodbye to year in Italy. A traditional celebration includes on a boat in the Venetian waters, accompanied by a lavish exotic dinner after a concert at the La Fenice Opera House. With picturesque views, not too much crowd and good-old music, say hi to your new year in the most therapeutic way possible at Venice, Italy.
Edinburgh, Scotland
If you happen to fancy long celebrations drenched in years of tradition and history, Edinburgh is the perfect place. Their Hogmanay involve concerts, Viking processions, fireworks over the castle, carnival and bonfires. Walk the Viking procession in full glory in Edinburgh.
For beach lovers there is nothing better than a New Year's Eve in the middle of the ocean. In Kiribati, the island in the Pacific, witnesses nature's beauty. Welcome the year by witnessing the the first sunrise in the world, in the middle of literally nowhere in your boat. While it doesn’t have luxurious parties, it serves as the best getaway from the crowd and the noise of big cities.
Madrid, Spain
No celebration is complete without a delicious, exquisite dinner and what better place than Madrid for your perfect New Year’s Eve dinner. Lamps, seafood, unique cocktails and the famous tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight, Madrid has it all. It's not has the best food but also the most fun parties too. The Royal Palace in Madrid is another beautiful spot to be at on New Year’s Eve along with the famous countdown party at Puerta del Sol.

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